Prepare to have your mind blown by a music box running on 2000 marbles

Prepare to have your mind blown by a music box running on 2000 marbles


If may have taken 14 months of his life, but Swedish musical genius Martin Molin has come up with an invention that is mindboggling in its complexity. The Wintergatan Marble Machine is no ordinary music box; it runs entirely on 2,000 steel marbles. That’s right. Just pull one of the many levers or wheels, and be blown away as he produces sounds of bass guitar, kick drums or even snyths. Despite looking like something you’d see at Scitech as a station for kids to create their own music, it’s a little more complicated than that. There is a complex art to it. Definitely an instrument that would take time and patience to master, something Molin has done and then some:

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