Here's your Grapevine Gathering set-times and food/wine lineup

Here's your Grapevine Gathering set-times and food/wine lineup

Catch Two Door Cinema Club, Flight Facilities, Mallrat and a bunch of others at your local winery over the next few months.

One of this year's strongest lineups comes courtesy of Grapevine Gathering, the regional touring festival hosted at wineries in New South Wales and Victoria that this year, also launched an expansion to a West Australian audience. It comes courtesy of one of Australia's biggest festival promoters - Untitled Group (the crew behind Victorian mega-festival Beyond The Valley and dance event Pitch Festival) - who after years of dominating the east coast market are finally branching west, filling a niche hole in our current festival circuit that considering Perth's adoration for triple j-centric lineups in picturesque locations is an absolute winner.

When it comes to the lineup, they delivered too. Two Door Cinema Club are coming over following the success of their left-of-centre 2019 record False Alarm, while a contingent of Australian elite finish off the billing: Flight Facilities, Crooked Colours, Mallrat, Touch Sensitive, Late Nite Tuff Guy and Kira Puru at all the locations, while Jack River will play exclusively on the east coast as Arno Faraji - one of West Australia's most exciting names when it comes to the future of west-coast hip-hop - plays exclusively to his home city.

Today, however, we're announcing the official set-times for the event as well as its food/wine lineup, which really gives an exclusive edge to the festival as they highlight the brilliance of each region's culture beyond the music. In regards to the set-times, they're fairly stock-standard: everything is held on one stage, so there are no clashes to be seen anywhere - a nice sign for those that might've been worrying with the festival yet to make its way over the west coast in the past.

grapevine gathering set times

With the food and wine lineup, Grapevine Gathering are covering their bases and showcasing the wine and food culture amongst the wineries in which they're held, bringing the best of both worlds into one place with a strong-as-hell musical lineup to boot.

Find the full food and wine lineup below, and get on board with tickets HERE.

Food Lineup VIC

400 Gradi
Royal Stacks
Biggie Smalls
Melbourne Paella Company
Bao Wow
Pierogi Pierogi
Crackle & Co
The Avocado Hut
Schnitty Schnitty Bang Bang
Burrito Kingdom
Curry Up Now Food Truck
The Gozleme Station
The Kraken Squid
The Greek Trojan Yiros
Live Your Lemon
Fritz's Wieners Australia

Wine Lineup VIC

Marnong Estate Sparkling Brut
Marnong Estate Rose
Marnong Estate Chardonnay
Marnong Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

Food Lineup NSW

Hardstyle Kitchen
The Gnocchi Way
Berlin Bangers
Samaras Food Truck and Catering
Happy as Larry Pizza Truck
Fritz's Wieners Australia
Chips On a Stick & Nachos
Harrys Schnitzel Joint Food Truck
Crackle & Co
The Avocado Hut
Bao Brothers

Wine Lineup NSW

Silver Series Sauvignon Blanc
Silver Series Pinot Gris
Tempus Platinum Moscato
Tempus Varietal Rose
Silver Series Sparkling Chard Pinot
Silver Series Shiraz

Food Lineup WA

JD’s Diner
The Dirty Swine
The Wooden Box
The Canuck Truck
Chips on a Stick WA
Mild Bite
MJ’Z Ice Cream
Georges Kebabs Greek Streats
Froth Coffee Van
Juiced WA
Porta Pizza

Wine Lineup WA

2018 Estate Reserve Sauvignon Blanc Semillon
2018 Margaret River Range Chardonnay
2017 Margaret River Range Cabernet Merlot
2018 Element Late Harvest

Musical Lineup

Two Door Cinema Club
Flight Facilities
Crooked Colours
Touch Sensitive
Jack River (VIC & NSW only)
Late Nite Tuff Guy
Kira Puru
Lovebirds (VIC & NSW only)
Big Words
Arno Faraji (Perth only)

Dates and Venues

Saturday 23rd November - Grapevine Estate, VIC
Saturday 30th November - Roche Estate, NSW
Sunday 1st December - Sandalford, WA

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