FYI: We're throwing a party to spotlight the next generation of Perth hip-hop

FYI: We're throwing a party to spotlight the next generation of Perth hip-hop

Featuring an all-star lineup of who's next up, and a bunch of heavyweights who will be judging their talents.

Last month, we pinpointed a collection of rappers who we believe make up the next generation of Perth hip-hop. Among them, were acts already paving their own paths - Arno Faraji, Shadow, T$OKO, SuperEgo - littered amongst acts just finding their footings and looking ahead into an incredibly bright future ahead, such as Hyclass, Mali Jo$e, Hoodzy and a bunch of other incredibly brilliant, boundary-pushing names. There were, as people pointed out, a collection of artists we definitely missed, and that's not so much a problem as a nod to how vast and strong Perth's rap scene is, and how many artists are currently on the come-up. 

Introducing Pilerats' Battle Rats: Hip Hop Edition - a chance to showcase exactly how brilliant Perth's up-and-coming rap scene is. As Perth's changing hip-hop world continues to evolve, Pilerats has evolved right alongside it. Across the last few years, we've helped give a leg up to the next generation of Perth hip-hop and the culture brewing amongst it, spotlighting the up and coming names soon yet to define our rap market and its national presence - and the international audience that looms.

In Battle Rats' first edition, we take the tried-and-tested 'battle of the bands' model and twist it into a celebration of Perth hip-hop and its looming stars, with a lineup that we think showcases the next generation of our rap scene. A variety of rappers each specialising in their own, specific niche will perform abridged sets to showcase their craft and talent, with a panel of judges - rappers, radio hosts, DJs, producers, Pilerats ourselves - deciding the Judge Panel winner: a $1000 cash prize and a free Pilerats Advertising Campaign for their next release, as well as being crowned the cream of the crop when it comes to who's next up.

There's also a popularity prize too. The rapper that finds themselves with the most crowd-built acclaim, will take home a Pilerats Live Session exclusively to them - a chance to showcase their talents to an international audience through one of the Australian music industry's most popular video series.

Grab your tickets HERE.

Pilerats' Battle Rats: Hip-Hop Edition

Jack Rabbit Slim's // Friday, Nov 29th - 8PM - 5AM.

Lineup: 506 / Alex Parkman / Figuero Jones / Jaycee / LC Mckenzie / MALi JO$E / Sowdy + DJs COCO DAFOE / Dj Profits / YNGRACH.

Judges: TBA.


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