Lizzo, 2019's unexpected shining star, announces an AU tour (...without Perth)

Lizzo, 2019's unexpected shining star, announces an AU tour (...without Perth)

In addition to playing FOMO Festival at the start of next year, the rising star will also play shows in Sydney and Melbourne.

While many familiar with Lizzo before the beginning of 2019 could easily tell you that she was a star-to-be, her path to stardom is still one of the year's most unexpected. She released one of the year's best pop albums back in April with Cuz I Love You (which also included a smattering of the year's best singles, from Juice to the explosive, Missy Elliott-assisted Tempo), yet her commercial success came afterwards, with a handful of tracks dated from back in 2016/2017 - Truth Hurts, followed by the now-charting Good As Hell, which just had a resurgent moment thanks to a remix starring Ariana Grande.

FOMO Festival - as we found out in our feature-length profile of the festival's history a few weeks back - were quick to jump on the train before she was scooped up by anyone else (her charisma and talent would make her a perfect fit for any Australian festival really, she's fairly adored across-the-board), adding her to their 2020 billing which also included a collection of other artists moving music forward in 2019 and beyond: BROCKHAMPTON and Rico Nasty among the rap world, Ninajirachi and MEDUZA in electronic, and so on.

Today, however, with unprecedented demand thanks to her unexpected commercial success, the festival has just announced a collection of sideshows for Lizzo in addition to the FOMO Festival shows, joining BROCKHAMPTON's one-off Perth show at Belvoir Amphitheatre as the festival's only sideshows. She'll play the Sydney Opera House and Melbourne's The Forum around the time of the festival, which will take her to Sydney and Melbourne for the second time, as well as shows in Brisbane and Adelaide - full list of shows below.

However, the tour's big missed opportunity is in Perth, where despite being an unavoidable artist amongst the Perth club and commercial scene (Good As Hell has been amongst Perth's most-Shazam'd songs for a while now, and it's rare to have a night out in Perth - regardless of whether you're going to a club or just a restaurant/small bar - without hearing a Lizzo song play over the speakers), she's skipping Perth entirely, as neither FOMO Festival nor her sideshows will cater to the west coast.

It's a little bit of a sting considering Lizzo is easily amongst the world's biggest musicians at the moment and Perth's live music scene is beginning to rise once again with the additions of new venues left and right, but maybe if you let your voices heard and get behind the promoter by selling out their forthcoming BROCKHAMPTON show (which again is a Perth exclusive, and therefore kind-of balances out the absence of Lizzo on the west coast) on January 10th, which you can grab tickets to HERE.

In the meantime, you can just catch us watching every live Lizzo video crying at our desks until she's back again sometime soon:

Lizzo Tour Dates: 

Monday, 6 January - Sydney Opera House
Wednesday, 8 January - Forum, Melbourne

FOMO Festival:

Saturday, 4 January – Brisbane Showgrounds (18+)
Sunday, 5 January – Elder Park, Adelaide (16+)
Saturday, 11 January – Parramatta Park, Sydney (18+)
Sunday, 12 January - Melbourne Showgrounds (16+)

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