WA rock legends Karnivool have announced a regional WA tour this month

WA rock legends Karnivool have announced a regional WA tour this month

They will be playing key centres as a part of the Back on the Road tour, which hosted Drapht and Spacey Jane for similar tours earlier in the year.

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West Australia has been getting back on the live music horse over the last few months, even despite the band's hard border closure preventing east-coast and international acts from visiting. Instead, what's been happening is some of WA's best have taken the limelight; groups like Spacey Jane playing more shows than we can count as half-capacities and high-demand combine, while others - Psychadelic Porn Crumpets, Drapht and Spacey Jane again - do regional tours, bringing their music to audiences that otherwise miss out of a lot of live music, and most likely wouldn't have these tours if it wasn't for the border shut-down.

The latter two tours - Drapht, supported by Complete; Spacey Jane, supported by Ghost Care - were a part of the Back On The Road tour, which brings full-production shows to key regional centres across Western Australia to 1) give musicians touring income after a solid few months without (which, when you remember that touring income form the basis of a lot of musician's full revenue, is very important) and 2) to revitalise the cultural and artistic communities within these centres, who often miss out due to their proximity to Perth and smaller populations.

Now, with the state's border staying close for the foreseeable future, more West Australian artists are joining the Back On The Road adventure, with WA prog-rock legends Karnivool announcing a regional Western Australia tour - plus a few dates scattered around Perth - for this month. The tour will take place over the next few weeks, with Karnivool performing in Geraldton, Exmouth, Port Hedland, Broome and Kalgoorlie before shows in Fremantle and Perth to round things up.

The whole tour is designed to revitalise West Australia's music community and get it back to its original strength pre-COVID (something that slowly but surely is happening, as live shows continue), so if you've ever thought to catch the rock legends live in the past, consider this a brilliant opportunity that will help a list of others too. 

Find the tour dates below, and grab your tickets via Oztix here.

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