Don't have a heart attack, but could Faker be getting back together again?

Don't have a heart attack, but could Faker be getting back together again?

It's been a long drought since Faker last released something new, but could that be changing?

We don't need a full paragraph talking about how iconic Faker were back in the day... we simply wrote a whole article about it. 2007 was an early peak for Australian music, and a large reason for that was Faker, who despite being thrown away as a one-hit-wonder thanks to the success of the timeless This Heart Attack, actually had quite a few tricks up their sleeve with the release of their 2007 sophomore record Be The Twilight (real fans would know that Are You Magnetic got the casual play on Channel V, as did Hurricane which came on the album prior to Be The Twilight back in 2005).

Back then, Faker seemed unstoppable. Their album was an ARIA-charting debut that would cement them in the Australian indie-rock canon, only to dive even deeper into its success with the Enter The Twilight Zone edition the year after, which added a couple of remixes and acoustic takes, plus their Like A Version session from back in the day. In 2011, they shared a five-track display of dancing indie-pop in their How Did We Not Get Loved EP that was then followed-up with Dangerous, which also came with an infamous CSS remix (miss you CSS), and a notoriously difficult to find album in the same year.

Since then, however, has come with ups and downs. Their frontman Nathan Hudson kept things going after their record label split, sharing a single or two throughout 2013 in the build-up to a record that never came out. He was then in a near-fatal car accident while travelling through the US, and at the same time, announced the band were done: "I think Faker is over. I can’t really tell, but I’m not answering the call of being in a band at the moment," he said. "It’s definitely liberating not to be a band-mate wrangler for the first time, kind-of-ever." In 2016, Nathan launched an eponymous solo project that shared a collection of tracks through that year, but that too has also died down in the time since.

Now, in 2020, could Faker be coming back to us? Earlier today, a message went out on the group's Facebook page, announcing a change in their details that sent a notification out to their fans that obviously, they went wild with: 

It's not much, but it's worth noting that Powderfinger's unexpected reunion came the same way, with their page being updated before they changed their profile and cover photos on Facebook, adding fire to the fuelling rumours. Hang tight and see what happens, we might just see them on the stage again one day, as Australian festivals battle with booking lineups with the restrictions of international travel due to COVID-19.

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