Tone Youth go BTS of their final-making entry in the triple j Unearthed Lorde remix comp

Tone Youth go BTS of their final-making entry in the triple j Unearthed Lorde remix comp

The WA hip hop collective made the cut out of thousands of entries.

Over the past few weeks triple J Unearthed have been running a Lorde remix comp for her track Homemade Dynamite, and after over a thousand different entries rolling through, the five finalists have been announced. With the final winner being chosen by Lorde herself and announced this Monday 23 Oct on triple j Brekkie, we hit up WA finalists Tone Youth to find out more about how they ended up with their absolute banger of a remix, blending trap and hip hop for a total reinvention that doesn't lose sight of the original and pulls on all member's backgrounds for a very unique take. Cop a listen below, along with all the very worthy finalists:

Tone Youth on how they put their remix together:

"By the time we decided to enter the competition, we had just over a week to get everything ready. With the clock ticking, we decided to just smash it out. CHU nailed the beat by himself super quick, and because of all of our hectic schedules, we couldn't organise a time for a group writing session. So we just wrote our parts separately with the concept of Homemade Dynamite for our verses; whatever our own interpretation of that was. We booked some studio time, and we knocked the track out in like two or three hours. Done and dusted. Ready to upload."

On what they were going for in the verses:

"We loosely based our verses around the concept of Lorde's chorus "homemade dynamite" - whatever our interpretation was of that. Because we all come from super different cultural backgrounds, we all have a different perspective, and use different lingo and slang. Jimmy Drones is originally from the UK so he's using a lot of UK slang in his verse. T$oko is originally from Zimbabwe, so he has a different approach with his flows and the way he uses his voice, he has that hunger in his raps. Rob Delirious is originally from here, and he sings and raps, so you can hear that in his delivery. Whenever we do a collective track, we just do our own thing on our verses, and try to bring our own individual flavour and energy to it. It makes for an interesting listen, we feel."

Eilish Gilligan (Melbourne, VIC)

Vincent Sole (Melbourne, VIC)

Sweet Potato (Sydney, NSW)

Aela Kae (Sydney, NSW)

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