Listen: Zretro - Silly Games

Listen: Zretro - Silly Games

The first release from the Naarm duo showcasing their infectious grooves and smooth sounds.

Photo by Raphael Recht

Out of Naarm (Melbourne) comes the debut single from duo Zretro, a playful and soulful amalgamation of Afrobeats and R&B titled Silly Games. Consisting of vocalist Zima and producer 2nd Thought, the single is the first release taken from a self titled LP set for release later in May, the duo praising legendary South African artist Brenda Fassie as inspiration for their songwriting. 

With an infectious groove driven by Zretro collaborator and bassist jazzy house don Horatio Luna, Silly Games showcases 2nd Thought’s ability to create effortlessly smooth and crisp production and Zima’s beautiful honey-like vocals that are equally sweet and earnest. Lyrically the release depicts the tale of a young man who realises what is important to him too late, messing up relationships by being prideful and petty. Zima shares that the song is “about how I’ve chosen not to learn from my experiences.” Drawing from the duo’s South African roots musically through their rich take on the R&B genre, the outro hook “Ungadlalisi is’khati sami” sung in Ndebele, which translates too “Don’t waste my time”, Silly Games rings as a precautionary message of messing up but remaining optimistic about personal growth.

Out now, savor the first taste of Zretro’s forthcoming album with the charming new release Silly Games below.

Zreto’s debut self-titled album is out May 20 via Hopestreet Recordings. 


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