Terrace Martin, Denzel Curry, Kamasi Washington and more join forces for Pig Feet

Terrace Martin, Denzel Curry, Kamasi Washington and more join forces for Pig Feet

The anthem - which also features G Perico and Daylyt - comes after a week of protests following the murder of George Floyd in the US.

Some of rap music's most brilliant moments comes from protest, and someone that knows that arguably better than anyone else is Terrace Martin. The musician is a heavyweight in US hip-hop and soul, with production and instrumental contributions scattered across releases from Snoop Dogg and Travis Scott through to Ab-Soul and Kendrick Lamar; the latter enlisting Los Angeles multi-instrumentalist for both Good Kid M.A.A.D. City and To Pimp A Butterfly - two of hip-hop's most potent and powerful records released in the last decade.

It's also clear that there's going to be some ridiculously incredible art come out of the recent and ongoing protests in the US, already visible through some of the photos and videos captured as Americans protest and march against the police brutality and racism, spurred by the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis last week. Although art is obviously not the most important byproduct of these protests, it is something already finding itself known off the back of the last week, with Terrace Martin's latest work being an example of that.

Arriving today, Pig Feet is a collaboration between Martin and some of his close collaborators and friends over the years - Denzel Curry, LA multi-instrumentalist and jazz heavyweight Kamasi Washington, South Central west-coast rapper G Perico and fellow Californian rapper Dayly - that gives this group a platform to share their frustration and heaviness surrounding the death of George Floyd and police brutality more broadly, as well as channel the fierce energy captured in cities like LA off the back of their recent and ongoing protests.

"Someone ask how do I feel? I told them hurt, fearless, angry, aware and fully ready to protect me, my family & my people at all cost," says Martin on the release, which arrived overnight. "I got together with [a] Black men that felt the same way." Pig Feet is three-minutes of chaos that brings these protests and the situation in the US to life musically, with exchanging verses detailing the injustice of Black Americans through systematic racism and other means that have come to life especially over the last week.

The single is heavy with incredibly potent lyricism. "They want us crucified with stones and hard rocks," raps Denzel at one point, before G Perico, Britney Thomas and Daylyt paint a sombre picture through the single's interlude: "Stop screaming, what happened? (Oh God, they shot him) / They killed the homie? (They shot him, the fuckin' police shot him)."

It is definitely one of the year's most powerful listens so far, so take a dive into it below:

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