Here's a few rap selections for your weekend turn up

Here's a few rap selections for your weekend turn up

Young Thug, Sremm life and Travis Scott to get you up and about.

Words by James Schofield.

The time has come. The six letter universally recognised word for 'time to turn up' has arrived - yes, I'm talking about Friday. In celebration, we've collected five hip hop/R&B bangers (one for each work day you've been forced to endure) to help you turn up. Old hits? New noise? Old El Paso has that question covered:


Young Thug - Texas Love

Young Thug's ode to Texas, and heartfelt message of hope for victims of the floods in Houston, is a bubbling, lower range banger fit for the purposes of kick starting the night's party. It helps that you can rarely understand Young Thug's warbled lyrics, save for genius lines like "More hoes than Kanye West clothes" which is about the extent of all you ever need to hear from a Young Thug turn up tune intended to mark only just the beginning of your turned up journey. Kick the dust off the high heels, or the Chelsea boots, as you sit back and listen to Texas Love.

A$AP Ferg & Tory Lanez - Line Up The Flex

At some point in your Friday evening, the full process of turning up and embracing the party means turning around and flipping a defiant middle finger at the work week that has existed behind you. It helps to think of attitude, and the definable ooze of no fucks being given, as your uniform for a truly transcendent turned up Friday evening. A$AP Ferg and Tory Lanez (the former having just dropped one of the albums of the year, the latter being one of the hottest artists about to blow and the pair being your mates across the US) offer up the perfect middle finger with 'Line Up The Flex'. Without sounding too obvious, this is the tune to line up behind and really start to embrace the chaos.

Rae Sremmurd - By Chance

As soon as those piano keys kick in, the permission to prick the neck up and let the hair down is released to your turn up schedule. Rae Sremmurd are masters of party anthems, and By Chance is no exception. So far as posts to mark the middle of the turn up process, there's little better options than what this banger has to offer. This is the tune to groove to while ladies call their ladies, fellas call their fellas and the respective genders all begin to gather in preparation for carving their names in a foreign dancefloor sticky with spilt booze and smelling vaguely of vomit. But you'll be turned up by then, and it won't mean a lick of concern or worry to you.

Travis Scott - Don't Play feat. Big Sean, The 1975

The second to last of your turn up anthems is titled Don't Play for a reason. By this time, you aren't playing around, you're with it. You're hard up on the party, you're all around the chaos and a modern master of the chaos Travis Scott is leading you ahead in to the night of revelry that is your Friday. The theme of this evening is attitude, and as you're doing your hair in the mirror you'll be rapping along with Big Sean and Travis Scott, whilst simultaneously continuing the trend of holding up your middle finger (which at this point might be getting a little tiring, but we're almost done here).

Mike Will Made-It - Drinks On Us feat. Swae Lee, Future

Okay, you admit it, the time has come. You're ready and the time is now, you're like a pressure valve getting ready to explode by this point - so comes the time to really abuse the volume button, dial or whatever method of, quite literally, turning up you might call on. The sheer bass of Drinks On Us would be enough to shock your body in to the full mode of being turned up, but it helps when you picture yourself in the club, schmoozing over some member of the opposite (or same) sex and offering to buy them a drink. Or not even offering because you're turned up, you don't give a fuck and you'll buy them a drink anyway because it's Friday and, still, your middle finger is up. Embrace the chaos, embrace the night. The weekend, my friends, has arrived.

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