Some turn up rap for the weekend and beyond

Some turn up rap for the weekend and beyond

Do the weekend properly.

Words by James Schofield.

The time has come. The six letter universally recognised word for 'time to turn up' has arrived - yes, I'm talking about Friday. In celebration, we've collected five hip hop/R&B bangers (one for each work day you've been forced to endure) to help you turn up. Old hits? New noise? Old El Paso has that question covered:


Nessly - Parade

Nessly will be a new name for most people, as the Atlanta man is still on his way up in to the limelight, but this trumpet-led track is a fitting start to a turned up evening. Parade, too, is a word so perfectly befitting precisely what the turn up of your cherished Friday night will have you doingaway from the pesky work week you're so desperate to put in the background. March on, party demons!


At some point of your evening, the rules and regulations of working life need to be shed, and thrown away. After all, there should never be any set of rules attached to a true turn up evening. It's not about rules, it's not even about making sense. Which is where ILOVEMAKONNEN fits in, because nothing he does makes any sense but he'll be goddamned if he can't at least get you moving. And with his latest track, he does just that. He might not be an OVO man, anymore, in fact he may well be flirting with the idea of retirement, but he's still no less capable of being the prince of the party.

Chief Keef - Love Sosa (RL Grime Remix)

Now, while we aren't going to pretend that RL Grime is a hip hop artist, we certainly can't attempt to argue that Chief Keef is not. And either way, we don't care, because the turn up has just kicked up a whole notch. One of the hottest acts in the Electronic genre takes one of hip-hop's most polarising, but intriguing, acts to an entirely new height and the result will have you so turned up that you'll be willing to punch your own grandma and snort cocaine off the toilet rim of a dingy, disgusting public toilet. Yep.

Somewhere Else - Move Together feat. Majid Jordan

OVO Sound's rumoured next signee act, the mysterious Somewhere Else, link up with OVO staple Majid Jordan for something a little groovy and danceable. Hopefully by this point of the evening, you might be nude or semi-nude and dancing to this boogie while staring at yourself in the mirror. Or you might not be. But you know, I mean, you could and you wouldn't even feel bad about your body, or the day you missed the gym this week because you were so tired from work, while this song plays. Just trust me, okay? Move Together and turn up together. The party that plays together, stays together, remember?

Bryson Tiller - Rambo Remix feat. The Weeknd

Two of the hottest names in R&B right now link up for this jam that's perfect for riding to. Look at your gal pals, or the fellas next to you. Hopefully one of you is driving (responsibly) the whole crew to the turn up haven and you're all itching to get the party. It's cool. The rest of this list has lit a fire beneath your buttocks, and you're all hot for teacher. Go get laid, go have fun. Be safe, and turn all the way up. It's Friday.

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