Premiere: Perth collective Racka Chachi step up with their new single, Scared To Love

Premiere: Perth collective Racka Chachi step up with their new single, Scared To Love

With new collaborators and an invigorated new sound, the Perth hip-hop collective finish their year on a high note - and set their sights on beyond.

2021 was always bound to be a big year for Perth-based hip-hop collective Racka Chachi. They came into the year off the back of two brilliant singles in the 12 months prior, with San Pelli and No Island arriving in addition to the launch of their own record label in Racka Chachi Records, featuring their first signing, Good Deeds. Then, there's the fact that their brand of energetic and bold, genre-blurring hip-hop is quickly being established as one of music's most dominant, and their growing collective-style setup means that every emerging niche within the sound is one they're typically able to nail with ease - a big feat, which takes a lot of difficulty to do.

As such, Racka Chachi have kept the trajectory pointing upwards across the last 11 months, as they continue capturing attention with explosive twists of energy at every turn. At the top of the year, they started 2021 on a high note with the release of Mother God, a song that would eventually earn the group a WAM Song of the Year nomination and kick everything off exactly the way they were hoping too. Then, came the trials and tribulations of another turbulent year for music; the band sneaking in live performances when they can, but for the most part, Racka Chachi have kept their heads down and focused on what's ahead.

It's something that now shows towards the end of the year, as Racka Chachi return with a new single titled Scared To Love, which feels more like a teaser of what's to come than anything else. It's a single that's reflective of their year-long journey through evolution and experimentation, bringing on new collaborators - co-production and mixing by punk heavyweight Cameron Murphy; mastering by James Newhouse (San Cisco, John Butler, Timothy Nelson) - as they switch things up and move into newfound energies and textures, welcoming a fresh new edge in the process.

In Scared to Love, all of this culminates into a three-minute-thirty exploration of what feels like a new chapter for Racka Chachi, layering in a funkier edge to the band's otherwise-usual upbeat hip-hop sound as samples and percussion swirl underneath the changing vocals from their rappers, who take turns to embolden Scared To Love with its reflective, yet energetic charm. In a lot of ways, Scared To Love feels like Racka Chachi at their prime, but with the brooding sense of newness underlying the track, there's something about it that feels like the opening of a new chapter, with plenty more to come.

In the meantime, Scared To Love is premiering on Pilerats today ahead of its official release tomorrow (November 19th), and you can check it out below, alongside an official video clip from their go-to collaborator Austy. Then, on November 26th, you can catch the band playing at The Rechabite's Goodwill Club with special guests Grace Sanders (Duo), Ken Paolo & the Space Cadets, Princess Khanya and more. Find more information on the show here, and dive into the track now:

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