Listen to Ruin My Life, the beginning of a defining new chapter for cult rapper Huskii

Listen to Ruin My Life, the beginning of a defining new chapter for cult rapper Huskii

After clawing his way to the heights of Australian hip-hop, the long-time favourite sets his eyes on the future with a new single.

To some people, Huskii is beyond the need for an introduction. Over the last half-decade, the Sydney-via-Wollongong rapper has become one of Australian hip-hop's defining acts of the underground; someone on the cusp of hip-hop's next frontier locally, as well as how it's showcased on an international scale. Already he's been pedestaled as one of Australian hip-hop's hallmark artists, despite seemingly being years away from his peak - Huskii being an act synonymous with the growth and evolution of present-day homegrown rap music, and its bright future ahead.

However, as we alluded to, the rapper seems to be far from his peak. Over the last five years, he's captured attention through viral freestyles and singles that have encapsulated the excitement brewing amongst Sydney's rap scene - one whose DIY (for the lack of better word) heavyweights like Huskii are only just blossoming in the last few years. Now, however, things have seemingly shifted into gear, and Huskii's long-overdue time in the limelight is commencing five years into his journey.

Today marks the arrival of Huskii's new single Ruin My Life, which isn't just his first single since sharing his Recalled tape last year, but also the beginning of a new chapter, as Huskii finally strives to showcase the vision he's long desired to showcase through the project. "Ruin My Life feels like the first time that I've been able to show my true sound...," he says on the new single. "Everything leading up to this has been different parts of myself at different points in my life but this single and the Antihero project is the first time I feel like people will hear who I am as an artist."

Ruin My Life is a single that feels synonymous with the personality and charm that's aided Huskii to his cult-like position in Australian hip-hop, connecting to the family-like atmosphere he's built around his music even as his sound begins to adjust and take on new tones and textures. "I do cut myself off from a wider audience with my content, but the fans who can somehow relate become my family," he continues. "You either get it, or you don't."

Ruin My Life feels like the opening of a new chapter; a new opportunity for people that might've not got it in the past to finally get on board - albeit admittedly a few years late. However, it's a good time to jump on the Huskii train, with Ruin My Life preluding the release of his forthcoming Antihero record that by the sounds of things, is a release that will aim to represent Huskii's newfound heights, and the vision he's been waiting to show to the world.

The single arrives alongside a video clip Sydney film director Selina Miles that you can check out below, but otherwise hang tight, as Huskii's evolution begins and one of Australia's long-time favourite acts of the underground reaches for the limelight on the surface.


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