Meet Perth hip-hop collective Racka Chachi and their new one, Better Off

Meet Perth hip-hop collective Racka Chachi and their new one, Better Off

The eight-person rap/R&B group shows the strength of Perth's growing rap scene.

Perth's rap scene is growing at an incredibly exciting rate and there's a bunch of collectives helping this happen in the background; Tone Youth being one to break into the triple j market recently, and Racka Chachi, a newcoming, eight-piece group, holding the promise to do the exact same thing. Their new single Better Off is a relaxed hip-hop tune with a touch of 00s nostalgia, finding a middle ground between your classic hip-hop sound and one more entwined with elements of R&B, soul and funk. It's a real vibe and they've got a lot in the pipeline for 2019 where they're bound to impress further, so better get to know them before it happens below:

Tell us about yourselves?

Racka Chachi is an eight-member collective of artists making hip-hop music in Perth, WA. The idea for the collective was definitely born out of a place of frustration. We knew a lot of insanely talented people, many who didn’t really have a goal to direct their efforts towards. We thought that by creating this group, we could build a platform for our friends with a common goal to express ourselves in whatever way we want. The idea is to do it yourself, do it now and do it with your friends.

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

We make hip-hop music with a broad range of influences from funk, soul and RnB. With so many members and such diverse musical backgrounds, our music can range from hip-hop posse cuts to soulful tracks.

Production/writing process:

All of our beats, recording and mixing as well as all of our visuals are made in house. By in house, we mean that it was literally made in James’ spare bedroom. Studio sessions are typically eight guys crammed into said bedroom just throwing ideas around until something sticks and then we all build on it. We like to feed off each other’s energy.

Can you tell us about your new single, Better Off?

Our new single, Better Off, is a call back to early noughties hip-hop. Featuring drums that crack and snap, a sing-along hook and MC’s trading verses in rapid succession. It was really about paying homage to a time of simplicity, from the lyrics to the actual instrumentation; we really wanted to do our rendition of the hip-hop many of us heard from the backseat of our parent’s cars.

Any shows coming up?

We have something in the pipeline for late March which will be announced in the coming weeks. Best to keep tabs on our Facebook & Instagram as March is set to be a busy month.

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

In 2019, we want to keep pumping out music, create more visual art and collaborate with even more artists.

Where can we hear more of your music?

Our singles are on Spotify and all other streaming services. Or you can hear all of our tracks on Soundcloud.

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