Kebabs, beautiful women, and block-rockin' beats: One Day Sundays' Guide To Perth

Kebabs, beautiful women, and block-rockin' beats: One Day Sundays' Guide To Perth

Perth's poppin' off, permanently.

The "Sunday Sesh" is well grounded in W.A. leisure culture, but it doesn't exactly have the edgiest resume. The tradition usually involves one of two scenarios: beach / bogans / beers, or Golden Triangle girls / grenache / 'Gram-ming. Historically, beachside "Sesh" venue stalwarts The Cott / OBH / Breakwater have always drawn a more mainstream, Northern Suburban or Western Suburbs audience, with inner-city indie kids tending to boy-Cott in favour of backyard beers or a quiet one at the local. But that's history. In future, the "Sunday Sesh" in Perth will be measured on the BODS/PODS continuum - Before One Day Sundays, and Post One Day Sundays. For those lucky enough to partake in a Sunday Sesh PODS - what a time to be alive.

A little background: a coupla years back, Sydney based collective One Day - a group comprising of musicians/promoters/DJ Gods Horrorshow, Spit Syndicate, Jackie Onassis and Joyride - decided to shake things up and start a nation-wide series of Sunday arvo pop-up parties with a difference. The difference being that they didn't suck. Also that they played rap and R & B fire, both current and throwback, and there were cook-ups, street art battles, and epic dance circles. They cunningly referred to these events as 'block parties', which meant guaranteed cultural cool points, even if the 'block' on occasion did look suspiciously like a 'local beer garden courtyard'.

ODS photo

Above: It's often that you will find kool live art at One Day Sundays. 

The West Coast went mad for the One Day Sundays. Moreso than any other Aussie state, in fact. Says Raph of ODS: "outside of our hometown Sydney, our Perth parties are easily the wildest. Normally when you spend that long on a plane, you want to be filling out an immigration card when you land, but Perth is alright by us. More than that, we fkn love the place. He may not have known it at the time, but Kendrick Lamar wrote The Recipe about Perth, we’re sure of it." 

So, they're trading the "popping up" for a more permanent "popping off". That's right, One Day Sundays will be coming to Perth every month! Kicking off with a big pre-Aus Day blowout that includes the car park set-up, with gourmet burger station, extra bar, quality street art display, relaxo seating and turf and a One Day Sunday DJ console. East coast lords commanding deck will be Joyride and Adit, on the hip hop home front we have Aslan, Charlie Bucket and Gravy. In the words of ODS "clear your mfkn calendar, this is the only place you need be on Jan 24th."


Dancefloor galaxy defenders: Keep your eyes peeled at One Day Sundays for the Godfathers of ADM. 

To celebrate this momentous occasion, the One Day-ers recently asked us if they could write an article for detailing all the many and splendid things they froth about Perth. Ah, say what? You want to assist Pilerats with making Internet so we can sit back and chill, and flatter our city and our friends while you do so? Yes, this can be arranged. Over to you, ODS: 

For touring musicians, Perth has long been a ‘promised land’; if you can get past how expensive it is to travel there, you can unlock an El Dorado of beautiful weather, amazing crowds and Dexies. 

Perth’s embrace of One Day Sundays and our respective musical acts generally has been a warm and fortuitous one - outside of our hometown Sydney, our Perth parties are easily the wildest.

Normally when you spend that long on a plane, you want to be filling out an immigration card when you land, but Perth is alright by us. More than that, we fkn love the place. He may not have known it at the time, but Kendrick Lamar wrote ‘The Recipe’ about Perth, we’re sure of it.

These are a few of our favourite things about the most isolated city in the world:


In recent years, Perth has emerged as a major player in Australia’s culinary / gastronomical scene. One needs to look no further than the fact that egg is a popular addition to the country’s favourite late-night snack: the kebab.

Many a night in Perth has ended with several One Dayers ordering egg kebabs from the spot near Amps,  drunkenly extolling its virtues to confused local on-lookers. Kebab vendors outside of Perth, kindly catch up.

Egg Kebabs

Here is a photo of some super faded One Dayers enjoying a post-gig kebab w/ egg on it, circa 2010.


We’ve always maintained that Perth enjoys the best, most consistent weather in the land, at least out of all capital cities. The beaches are dazzling, the surrounding coastline is spectacular. As far as shows go, Perth and Fremantle crowds rank amongst the country’s loudest and loosest. 

Perth is not without it’s drawbacks (the isolation, the inflationary pressures, the backwards-ass state government), but the lifestyle over on the West Coast is pretty hard to beat. 

Perth lifestyle

I've done did a lot of shit just to live this Perth lifestyyyyyyyyyle.  


Anthropologists have spent years trying to understand why exactly the women of Perth are so goddamn smart, fun, beautiful and generally amazing. Some have argued it’s due to the relaxed lifestyle that many enjoy, others posit the recent mining boom caused many young men to leave the big city in order to earn bulk money in regional mining towns, causing an imbalanced male/female ratio (much to the dismay of boys in bands on tour). 

We’ll leave the theorising to the academics, but one thing is for sure: the women of Perth are well and truly some of the most beautiful in all the land, both physically, socially and intellectually. It’s not entirely accurate to suggest that the majority of dudes in Perth are punching above their weight, but it’s also not a lie.

11880533 531975873623902 8229597233118126795 n

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Creative, beautiful and intelligent. Keep on punching, Perth fellas!


Leading Perth photographer Matsu earns his place on this list because he is one of the city’s finest artist exports; he has the unique ability to capture moments, moments which document the raw beauty and intense energy of the city.

In the spirit of full disclosure, he’s also our mate and honestly one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.  As our official One Day Sundays photographer, Matsu’s photos constantly blow people away, and then become their profile pic.

Matsu and fam and ASH

Matsu and friends

Matsu rockstars

One of the many reasons we love Matsu - he makes us look like rock stars. 


One Day Sundays is a party which relies on a dynamic, open space and we honestly couldn’t have found a better suited venue than The Rosemount. 

The courtyard is fantastic, the sound system in the band room well and truly pumps, the staff, management and security go above and beyond and the car-park next door is perfectly suited for a block party.

Which is exactly what we’re doing for our next Perth party: we’re expanding into the pub’s car park with an outdoor stage, bars, food, seating and, of course, a massive live graffiti production.

The Rosie 2

One of our favourite venues in the world - The Rosie!

One Day Sundays Block Party feat. Joyride, Adit, Gravy, Aslan, Charlie Buckt. January 24, from 1pm until late. The Rosemount, 459 Fitzgerald Street, North Perth. Free entry. More details HERE.

one day sundays perth



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