Meet Charlie Threads, who presents something to love with Higher

Meet Charlie Threads, who presents something to love with Higher

If you're yet to be acquainted with the Victorian force-on-the-rise, consider this a chance to do so.

Victoria's Charlie Threads isn't exactly a new name to Australian hip-hop - in fact, we premiered a mixtape of his over three years ago now - but if you're yet to acquaint yourself with this force-on-the-rise, consider this a great chance to do it. Since emerging as a promising name raised in the Dandenong Ranges, Charlie Threads has gone from strength to strength as he's shared release after release, showing promise as a singles artist - through songs like Questions and Forever And A Day last year; as a long-form artist, through the aforementioned Palm Trees in Graveyards mixtape and 2017's Rainy Weather Music; and as a guest collaborator, teaming up with names including Alice Ivy, Baro and Doolie across the last few years.

In 2019, however, he's welcoming a newfound strength that may finally burst him into that full national success, kick-starting a big second half of the year ahead with a return to form titled Higher. It's a track that, like some of Charlie's work in the past, sees him take a classic hip-hop sound and bring it forward to the future, uniting a jazz-infused production layered with rich melodies with his quick-sharp lyricism, which as he explains, talks about "sacrifice, struggle and what you sometimes have to lose when you chase something bigger," hinting that he's a rapper doing this for more than just fun. "This is a song about missing loved ones, the journey of success and what you sacrifice on that journey," he says. "That un-fillable pit in your stomach when you’re hungry for your wildest dreams to become reality, the desire to drop it all and return home for comfort, this song is a marriage between these two subjects."

Dive into the track below, and introduce yourself to Charlie Threads and his music before he dives into a big six months - and beyond - to come.

Tell us about yourself?

I grew up in the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges, Gembrook to be exact! I spent most of my earlier years skateboarding and doing things my Mumma definitely didn’t know about haha. Music didn’t really pique my interest until I was about 16, I was just living life and learning shit in the real world early on. At this point in my life, I devote myself to being an artist, performer and an entertainer in general, I see those as my responsibilities, my purpose.

What’s the vibe music-wise?

My music is the type you listen to in your bedroom or headphones, contemplating while in transit. The album that strikes relatability inside somebody, that’s what I want to make. I think to make something consumable you have to look at how you consume, and I consume music best when I relate to it, so that’s what drives mine.

What are your production and writing processes like?

My process starts very independently, often with a chord progression or a melody idea. I don’t often start a song thinking about a feature or who is going to mix it, I just try to convey feelings I have at the time, a narrative I hope people can relate to.

My songs start with a MIDI keyboard, a guitar, and a laptop and everything kinda grows from there. I get people to re-play stuff, mix stuff, sometimes it turns out completely different but that's the exciting part about it all! Collaboration is the key to finishing your music, something I believe is super important. Writing raps has become mundane for me recently, so instead, I've been focussing on breakthrough moments while writing, where the subject I’m talking about flows so freely, a powerful stream of emotion. Moments where you just stay in front of that microphone and punch your verse out piece by piece... I mean I still write, but I’ve been tapping into the ‘moment’ more often as an artist and I hope that's reflected in the new music!

Can you tell us about your new single, Higher?

Higher is like a new start for me and hopefully leaves a refreshing taste in everyone’s mouth. I’m tryna break the cage that I felt locked in just rapping - I felt like there was more to convey in a different way.

I was out living with my best homies Vince Cheng and Olive Amun, super far from home, and that feeling of being detached from your roots really struck something in me man, for real. I worked harder, I wanted to be better and seeing my mum struggle ignited that fire, but I felt lonely. This song is the story of that, missing your family, your friends, leaving a love, chasing your dreams, to ultimately go ‘higher’.

Any tour dates coming up?

I've just come off a couple of shows in Melbourne and Maroochydore with Doolie in support of our song 2.20. Stay tuned for more, Vince and I have been working super hard on a new live set for everyone.

What does 2019 have in store for you?

2019 is a year of growth, a year of fear and overcoming that shit. Making better and better music to reach more and more like-minded people. I want to really carve out my lane this year, I need Charlie’s Angels this year hahaha, that’s my focus. Plenty of shows, heaps of music, and content that shows you who I really am, that’s 2019 for me.

Where can we find more of your music?

Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, blasting from the driver's side of my mother's car as well as all over the country over the course of this year and hopefully the world soon!

I’ll be doing little private demo releases sent straight to your email for a sign up so that will be cool, as well as playlists across the globe baby!

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