Premiere: Perth hip-hop duo Otiuh continue to surge with their new single, Sundown

Premiere: Perth hip-hop duo Otiuh continue to surge with their new single, Sundown

After kicking off their year with a new single, the forward-thinking duo make it two for two with another new one.

When it comes to Western Australia's blossoming hip-hop space, Otiuh are a duo doing something right. The pairing of Cesare and Jahmeil have become one of our go-to artists for forward-thinking hip-hop in the last few years, capturing their many sides as a multi-faceted and genre-shifting act as they grow and evolve; an evolution particularly felt when you contrast their 2019 debut EP Cold Recreation against their follow-up La Festa last year, and again with everything they've put out since.

Speaking of the music they've been putting out since, it's amongst some of the most striking material we've heard from Perth in a hot while, full of charm and energy regardless of the genres they're plucking from. Space Jam, for example, bit with a hard-hitting crunch that on JAGUAR shimmered down into something more low-key and R&B-inspired, pairing themselves with Adrian Dzvuke to bring these kind of 90s-esque vibes to their discography. Then, they kicked off their 2021 with Mamma Always Told Me, which brought this BROCKHAMPTON-like recklessness to the mix.

Now, they return with another new single called Sundown, and as we've come to expect from Otiuh, it shows yet another edge to their sound as they continue to explore new tones and energies. This time around, they muster up this slick, off-kilter production that forms the perfect hot-bed to their weaving vocals, flipping between crunchy percussion and choruses a little more smooth as their vocals match, with a slight tinge of this Latin-esque, reggaetron touch further building out the track's depth.

It's really a single that showcases what Otiuh do best, constantly searching for the next sounds in hip-hop and how they're able to make it their own; veering between genres and moments of experimentation without keeping the flavour and richness that makes Otiuh the rising forces they are. Sundown - along with everything else they've put out since their La Festa EP - brings that to the surface, and their next EP is bound to even further showcase their continued sense of evolution, whenever it arrives.

In the meantime, however, Sundown is Otiuh continuing their stride, and you can take a dive into it as it premieres on Pilerats below, ahead of its official release this Friday, June 4th. Stay tuned for more to come too, no doubt.


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