EP Walkthru: Agung Mango - MAN ON THE GO

EP Walkthru: Agung Mango - MAN ON THE GO

The rapper-producer on the rise takes us track by track through his latest vulnerable yet compelling EP.

Naarm/ Melbourne-based rapper and producer Agung Mango made his musical debut in 2017, quickly rising up from Australia’s underground rap scene as an artist to watch as he shares stages with the likes of JID, Genesis Owusu, WIKI and Milan Ring across festivals such as BIGSOUND and Laneway. With two EP’s under his belt already, Agung continues to expand on his creative exuberance in a reflection of his career thus far, with an introspective new EP MAN ON THE GO

Seven tracks in length, heavy-hitting, and testing the borders of the R&B genre, “MAN ON THE GO is an experiment with pop music and displays a more polished version of myself. The goal was to create something out of my comfort zone.” shares Agung Mango. Raw, vulnerable, and introspective, “The EP explores the theme of duality, and the ups and downs I experienced throughout the process of making it. Something that I feel like many artists go through on their journeys.” continues Agung, delivering these honest reflections in a dexterous and free-flowing fashion, sonically polished to perfection with his knack for cohesive and future-leaning production, he adds The project is both reflective and definitive of who I was at the time of creating this music, and is a great example of the constantly evolving Agung Mango – a testament to the EP title MAN ON THE GO”. 

Out now and recently celebrated with his biggest Australian tour to date, we asked Agung Mango to give us a breakdown of what went into the making of MAN ON THE GO. Be sure to hit play on the striking new EP, as you take a read through its track by track makeup below. 


'RUNAWAY' is about moving away from your old self, making it past trials and tribulations and being called to your purpose. Through dark and vibrant times, the journey through it all gave me the best insight I could ask for.


'MISERABLE MAN' is a song about thriving on your own. Whilst it can get lonely being alone so often, I believe it gives you a chance to learn so much more about yourself, which results in growth and development as a person.


‘GUAP POP’ represents the beauty in the hustle. We all need ways to fund our dreams and goals, and we're willing to go through anything and everything to do that. In this song, Genesis and I outline both the rewards and the scars that come with this grind.


Myself and fellow Picked Last member A81yann linked up for ‘INTERTWINED’. We talk about an undeniable bond in a relationship. Through all the b.s., the other person still manages to hold it down. Layers were a big theme in this song. We wanted to talk about how close two can be, as well as how hard that relationship can be.


'foRRest' features my good friend and another Picked Last member, MAMMOTH. We wanted to talk about the contrast between the chaotic city life and the peacefulness of being out and closer to nature. The song was recorded in a small suburb called Forrest, hence the title of the song.


‘IN2DEEP!’ is about the sad reality of addiction. Relying on a substance to get by was always an issue in life. In this song I express the cold truth about relapsing, and on the other hand staying strong sober.


Going home wasn't a choice anymore. At one point, I didn't know where home was. ‘HEADBACK’ was a freestyle from the soul, at a time where I was bouncing from stu to stu and state to state trying to make something out of myself. I remember I was defeated and tired at the time of recording this song but I forced it out. Although it was forced, it was a true indication of me not wanting to go back to my old self. Hard work leads to more rewards. This song is me accepting that moving forward is the only way.

 Agung Mango Man On The Go

Agung Mango's new Ep MAN ON THE GO is out now. 


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