Listen: Ziggy Ramo - Sugar Coated Lies

Listen: Ziggy Ramo - Sugar Coated Lies

Award-winning muso & rapper drops powerful new album that encourages challenging & necessary discussions

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Three years on from his phenomenal debut full-length Black Thoughts (and off the back of the ridiculous & disappointing City of Joondalup fiasco...) Ziggy Ramo has unveiled his new full-length, Sugar Coated Lies.

With a central theme of intergenerational trauma and the ways in which that manifests, Sugar Coated Lies sees Ramo, of Wik and Solomon Islander heritage, offer deeply personal and transparent accounts while shining a light on issues often forgotten or not thought about at all.

Covering a wide range of hip hop sounds, Sugar Coated Lies see Ramo rhyming over everything from atmospheric boom bap to deep trappy beats while bringing a few guests along for the ride, with the likes of Alice Skye, Ladi6, Jantine and vonn all featuring.

On Sugar Coated Lies, Ramo says "On the surface, this album is made up of journal entries, starting and ending with my hospitalization after being on suicide watch. Beneath that lies heavy intergenerational trauma that has sunk its hooks into my every though and action. I had to go through a lot of therapy to deal with the all-encompassing weight of this intergenerational trauma, and putting it in an album became incredibly therapeutic."

Released on this difficult day of January 26, Ramo has posted the following about what this means to him on Instagram:

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Ziggy Ramo's new album Sugar Coated Lies is out now via Ramo Records

Sugar Coated Lies

Sugar Coated Lies

1. Pretty Ugly
2. Love Sick
3. Done To You
4. Never ft. vonn
5. Stressed Out
6. Sugar Coated Lies ft. Alice Skye
7. Blak Man Swimming

8. Breathe ft. vonn
9. Live It Up

10. Present ft. Ladi6
11. Better ft. Jantine

Check out this dope Pilerats Live Session of Black Face we did with Ramo a few years back:

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