Video Premiere: LOUV x MXMARS - Rain Has Come

Video Premiere: LOUV x MXMARS - Rain Has Come

Get an early view of the captivating, industrial light device-featuring video that accompanies this powerful, collaborative track

Originally from the Netherlands, but now based in Naarm/Melbourne is experimental pop artist MXMARS. Creating music known for its atmospheric and meditative qualities, they teamed up with multidisciplinary artist LOUV and their cathartic and intuitive approach towards electronic music to create a powerful single titled Rain Has Come.

Redefining what a ‘remix’ can be, Rain Has Come sees the two artists collaborating freely whilst utilising haunting vocal samples from a MXMARS original track Regen, resulting in an exciting electro-pop track that accentuates the goose-bump evoking melodies of the original. Exploring themes of emotional suppression and release MXMARS shares that “The original single ‘Regen’ is an incantation, a hymn calling for rain. We wanted to take the rework a step further, and create an ‘emobanger’ that combines dramatic vocals and explosive percussion. We knew that we wanted the rework to be a completely new song, and it did take a life on its own.”

Following the tracks release in August of 2022, it is now been treated to a visual accompaniment which features artist and industrial designer Remi Freer’s light device, a work originally showcased at the Melbourne 2022 Fringe Festival. The device responds to sound through a live feedback loop, creating the perfect visual piece to stand alongside the atmospheric and emotional Rain Has Come.

Be sure to soak in MXMARS and LOUV's Rain Has Come in all its glory by taking an early view of the stunning accompanying video below.

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