Listen to You're Gone, a dizzying new taste of Two Another's incoming debut album

Listen to You're Gone, a dizzying new taste of Two Another's incoming debut album

After a pair of singles earlier in the year, the Australian electronic exports set their sights on a debut album at some point next year.

Header image by Walid Labri.

Over the last few months, Two Another have emerged as one of electronic music's most consistent - if not under-rated - names. It's a status that the Sydney-raised, now Europe-trotting pair have held for a few years now, largely thanks to their acclaimed Two Sides EP last year and a sprinkling of collaborations alongside Claptone (Golden) and The Magician (Hippies) in the time between releases; everything Two Another putting their name to being a glimpse of forward-thinking and often-genre-combining brilliance that feels like a step ahead of everything else.

However, over the past few months (as mentioned), this has become more clear than ever. Their returning single Jump saw the duo - comprised of Angus Campbell and Eliot Porter - capture the energy ingrained within dance music's European dominance, doing so through a textured blend of funk, disco, house and pop. Then, came Matter of Time, another daring display of Two Another at a newfound peak, with four-on-the-floor rhythms meeting a honey-smooth, R&B-inspired vocal that give it a differing edge.

As it seems, these singles are teasers of the duo's forthcoming debut album, expected sometime next year. While not much is known about the record thus far, it's bound to be one that flexes the production prowess of Two Another as one of Australia's leading dance exports, with an imprint within the electronic underground that's seen them become one of the genre's most in-demand. It's also set to be a release that encapsulates the duo's versatility, and how they're capable of giving a wide spectrum of sounds their own distinct twists to emphasise that Two Another edge.

Their newly-minted third single You're Gone highlights exactly what we mean. It's a tender and more subtle take on the Two Another sound, emphasising the pair's songwriting and lyrical skill-sets as they capture a blur of reflective emotions that date back to high school, as Eliot Porter recollects his journey through sexuality in a hyper-masculine space. "You're Gone tells the story of a hidden high school romance that takes place in the toxic masculine atmosphere of an all boys school," says Eliot on the single, in a note published to Instagram.

"To be honest, it's inspired by my own life experience. Growing up gay and feeling I've had to live a double life. It took me years to realise that my sexuality does not define my personality. The relationship spoken about in the song ends in heartbreak as they both feel the burden of their secret outweighs the love they for each other. My own experiences and those of so many others I have met over the years results in feeling... undeserving of relationships that we both want and need. I truly believe that positive representations of loving, same-sex relationships in the media and as part of our formative education would empower young people to live truthfully."

It's a potent and powerful story that comes to life with the aid of Mansionair's Lachlan Bostock, who adds a production flair to the single that in the end, shines through its subtleties; subtleties that help the lyrics be elevated like they deserve.

It's something we haven't really heard from Two Another thus far, but with their debut album on the way, we're sure there's plenty more of this versatility on the way. In the meantime, take a dive into You're Gone below:

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