Listen to Matter of Time, another daring single from Aus dance ex-pats Two Another

Listen to Matter of Time, another daring single from Aus dance ex-pats Two Another

Following the release of their returning single Jump last month, the now Europe-based duo shoot for success with another brilliant single.

Header image by Walid Labri.

Last month, we re-introduced Two Another back into the dance music world as the Sydney-raised, Europe-based duo made a return with an electrifying new single titled Jump. It was a critical return to form by the duo after their acclaimed Two Sides EP last year, with the pair - comprised of Angus Campbell and Eliot Porter - showcasing why they've become a renowned addition to electronic music, in demand by heavyweights including Claptone (Golden) and The Magician (Hippies) all while working on forward-thinking music of their own.

Jump brought an example of how exactly their own work continues to grow and evolve as time goes on, stepping beyond the experimentation shown on their Two Sides EP for a texturally layered explosion of trip-hop and house-leaning electronica that they fuse together with a pop-centric hook. It's one of our favourite dance tracks of the year thus far, a blend of genres and sonic flavours that come together to create something definitively Two Another - something becoming more apparent as they release more and more music throughout the year.

Their latest single Matter Of Time doubles down on that. It's another genre-blurring mish-mash of sounds; its production firmly rooted in dance music's infectious rhythms and four-on-the-floor percussion but - in true Two Another spirit - the pair go well beyond that, adding a honey-smooth R&B vocal that empowers Matter of Time with this strength-giving inspiration, via the use of lyricism that encourages you to keep going amongst everything going on right now.

"Last year my boyfriend lost his job and like countless others, he struggled to find work for a really long time," says Eliot Porter on the single, which was worked on alongside rising producer-to-watch Utters. "It started to affect his mental health and self-esteem in a way I hadn’t seen before. This song is inspired by the difficult conversations we would have about our future and learning how to come to terms with circumstances out of our control."

Matter of Time is both cathartic and infectious, amplifying a unique pairing of powerful lyricism and addictive production that through everything they release, Two Another seemingly get better at balancing; that hard-to-hit sweet spot being something that the pair seem to be able to grapple with time and time again.

With both Jump and Matter of Time behind them, we're sure there's plenty more from Two Another on the way, but in the meantime, take a dive into the new single now, and continue watching Two Another flourish in what's to come:

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