Two Another are the Sydney-raised, Europe-trotting electronic duo you need to meet

Two Another are the Sydney-raised, Europe-trotting electronic duo you need to meet

After releasing an acclaimed project last year, the pairing of Angus Campbell and Eliot Porter are now one of electronic's most in-demand acts.

Header image by Walid Labri.

If you haven't read of their journey already, Two Another have an interesting history. It's a duo comprised of UK-born Angus Campbell and US-born Eliot Porter, moving to Australia and becoming family friends with one another before becoming close at a dance music production / DJing workshop run by Bag Raiders, where they identified a shared interest in dance music's pacing rhythms and have become close-knit pals and collaborators since.

The duo's fascination in dance music was something they began further pursuing after finishing school, working with another friend to produce and write music in their downtime. In 2014, they - like many other new-emerging Australian dance acts - were drawn to the cultural emphasis of dance music in Europe, moving throughout Europe and the UK - Angus is London; Eliot in Brussels - until they both came together in London a year later, and Two Another were born.

Since then, the duo have kept busy forging their sound and crafting a vision that over the last four/five years has trickled through the saturated dance music space, making itself known through singles and mixes littering the last little while. With every release the pairing have put out, they've shown growth and evolution within electronic's most sun-soaked and energetic tones. Over the years, they've layered their distinct sound with textures of funk, disco, house, pop, indie and beyond; each new sound smoothly intertwined into the Two Another umbrella as if it's always been there - a testament to their craft as musicians and the skillset they've carved over the years.

It's a versatility that shined on their Another Tape collection back in 2018, and again on their breakthrough Two Sides project last year; the latter being an adventurous leap into live instrumentation that further layered the duo's sound with experimentation and growth. "In terms of the overall sound of the EP we were really inspired by trip-hop artists like Massive Attack and Portishead who we listened to a lot growing up," the duo said with the EP's initial release. "We wanted to use more sampling, live instrumentation and really take our time recording the vocals – we honestly think it was the first time we didn’t record most of the vocals in a bedroom."

Now based separately once again (they live between Stockholm and Amsterdam), Two Another's trajectory continues to curve upwards as they adventure into new methods of songwriting and production - something as seen through what they've delivered in the year or so since Another Tape's arrival. Since their last EP, the pair have become electronic go-to's, working alongside Claptone (Golden) and The Magician (Hippies) while building new material of their own, even while on different sides of Europe's Scandinavian divide. 

Their new single Jump, however, is the first major Two Another release since Another Tape's arrival, and it shows how exactly the duo are forging their next moves in a world aside from collaboration with other artists. It's a song that's remarkable in how it switches between sounds and textures, creating this kind-of mish-mash of trip-hop and house-leaning electronica that they unite with hookier, pop/R&B-aligned vocals; the end result being a blend of sonics that really stand out from Two Another's discography, and feel unlike anything else we've heard from the pair thus far.

In saying that, it's a natural progression from the varying sounds that Another Tape offered; an evolution that captures the experimentation rife amongst the pairing's production processes and how it continues to grow with everything they do. 

"We made Jump at a turbulent time in both our lives, but what came out of this adversity reinvigorated our friendship and creative partnership," says the duo; Jump appearing to be a song that defines a new chapter for the ever-evolving pairing. "Lyrically and sonically it sets the tone for what you will hear from us over the coming months."

It's an exciting next step in the Two Another journey, and with plenty more to come, they're a pair that you need to meet if you haven't already been introduced. Do so below, as the pair share their new single Jump and have their sights set on more in the near-horizon:

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