Premiere: Boo Seeka open a new chapter; share new single Tripwire, announce tour

Premiere: Boo Seeka open a new chapter; share new single Tripwire, announce tour

Tripwire is the first taste of Boo Seeka as a solo outfit, and comes with a national tour throughout 2021's later months.

It's been a big year for Boo Seeka. As a duo, they collaborated with breakthrough act Golding on their single Don't Waste Your Love earlier in the year, and did a couple of tour dates here and there before the big shut-down midway through the year. Then, in June, came news that the Boo Seeka we'd come to know over the last few years was entering a new phase, with Ben Gumbleton to lead the project as a solo outfit after splitting from Michael May due to "fundamental differences," as announced on social media. 

While little details about the split have been made public, the announcement of the duo's split also came with news of brighter horizons ahead; Gumbleton seemingly focused on leading Boo Seeka through an exciting next chapter full of new music, tour dates (when allowed) and more to come. "I’m working really hard to bring you this next collection of music this year, which means so much to me," he wrote, before further teasing new music in a separate social media post: "Been walking around all day with some friends listening to the new singles to come this year. Really can’t wait to show all you legends."

Today, we get the first taste of what this exciting next era for Boo Seeka sounds like, as they return - as a solo outfit - with their first single for the year in Tripwire; a somewhat left-field taste of what's to come. It's a near-180 from what you'd expect from Boo Seeka, with Gumbleton searching for a more acoustic and subtle sound as he dives into the songwriting core of Boo Seeka and comes out the other site with gentle indie-pop, rich with emotive reflection and internal nuances as the musician guides himself through an ever-changing world around him - and the chaos that surrounds that.

"The songwriting for Tripwire is really direct, I'm wearing my heart on my sleeve with this one… I realised I was writing about myself, and the stuff I was going through, which was hitting me pretty hard if I'm being honest," he says on the single. "Writing on an acoustic guitar has always been a part of my process and usually, it would just be used to figure out the chords and structure of the song, and then it would be built into an electronic track. With Tripwire, we used the same template, but nothing we built sonically got close to the emotion, and the rawness of the acoustic version. It's super different to the typical Boo Seeka sound, but the diversity of the upcoming album is something I’m very proud of, and releasing it as the first single is the perfect way to kick it off." 

The single comes alongside an official video clip by Halves and Quarters and director Lachlan Ross, filmed on a fog-ridden farm down in Margaret River. It really brings out the emotive and brooding core of Tripwire, as you can see for yourself as the video premieres below ahead of its official release tomorrow, August 19th.

As mentioned, the single beckons an exciting new chapter for Boo Seeka. Tripwire is the first taste of Boo Seeka as a solo outfit, and on top of that, it's also the first chase of that aforementioned next album, scheduled for release sometime in the next year (more details on that to come). From what we've heard (or more what we've been told), it's an eclectic collection of tracks that showcases Boo Seeka's many sides as a multi-faceted musician, and we can't wait to hear more.

Then, there's also the tour dates accompanying the single, which will see Boo Seeka - and good pals Golding - travel around the country when it's safe to do so. At the moment, the dates have been announced for this October - you can find them all below - but stay tuned to their social media underneath for more information and updates when they come through.

Both a closing of an era and an opening of a new one simultaneously, Tripwire resembles a shiny and stripped-back new coat for Boo Seeka - and we can't wait to see what else is in store.

Tour Dates:

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