Premiere: Perth-based producer Rando remixes Blanke's single Fragile Violence

Premiere: Perth-based producer Rando remixes Blanke's single Fragile Violence

The WA-based musician is amongst a new frontier for Australian dance music, much like the person he's remixing.

We haven't spoken about the next generation of Perth dance music in a while now, but there's a bit of a shift happening. As we've seen over the last few years especially, some of the city's biggest heavy-hitters - SLUMBERJACK, Crooked Colours - now largely base themselves either on the east coast or internationally, and as a result, a brilliantly exciting next generation are slowly making themselves known. They're often producing their way through uncharted territory, mimicking and/or defining the city's club culture shifts all while proving there's a lot of excitement in the air over here - and that's true.

Similarly, Blanke is a musician that has done the same on an international scale. The Canberra-raised producer was once a cult-favourite of Australia's heavier electronic world, but has now blossomed into an international flag-flyer whose face is sure to litter the next generation of Australian dance music (and its perception internationally), now based in Los Angeles and working with some incredibly exciting names to further his career even more so. 

Today, their worlds collide together, and we get a brilliant taste of exactly what the future of Australian dance music may sound like. It's a remix of Blanke's semi-recent 2020 single Fragile Violence, in which Rando updates with his signature forward-thinking charm and brings new elements to it, all while highlighting the beauty and often-remarkability within Blanke's original production and songwriting.

In the beginning, the remix is a soft and subtle, emphasising the longing vocals of guest collaborator Nevve through a swirling production that really sits back and lets Nevve's vocal do what it needs to do. However, it gradually grows over time, before bursting into a rush of darting percussion that really builds upon Blanke's original production as Rando showcases his craft in thrilling, energetic musicality. It's a real treat to see some nods to some older electronic music thrown in there too; the beat's breakdown, for example, taking a tropical-esque tinge synonymous with a branch of dance music a few years ago but updating it, bringing it forwards to 2020 with a distinctly unique and exciting twist.

"Being a synth head I went back to my roots of saws and squares," Rando says on the remix, which follows a recent single of his own shared at the tail-end of May this year. "The soft blend of the electronic with the deep piano and strings combo comes together to create a really simple yet complex sound. When I got hit up for the remix I was super stoked. Watching Blanke climb over the past couple of years has been a reminder to me that it's possible for any Aussie producer. He also is the reason for my newfound plant problem."

The remix kind of feels like the beginning of a full-circle moment, with Rando and Blanke being two close collaborators and friends who are sure to aid in defining the future of Australian electronic music.

In the meantime, however, take a dive into the remix below:

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