Cosmo's Midnight's favourite moments on 'Moments'

Cosmo's Midnight's favourite moments on 'Moments'

The brothers Liney pick exact moments in each of their new EP's tracks special to them.

Bookending the year with one of the most anticipated releases of 2015, production twin powerhouse Cosmo's Midnight have today released their sophomore EP, Moments, one that sees them calling on their special friends to create a six-tracker clad with the coolest of collaborations including the likes of Wave Racer, Lido and Sarah Bonito of Kero Kero Bonito. To mark the ocassion we asked them to pinpoint some exact moments in eaech of the six tracks that have a special story behind them, which you can check out below:

Trapped feat. Wave Racer - 2:24

When we were writing this with Wave Racer we made the simplest change to the melody where the notes fall in a bittersweet, melancholy manner, we thought it changed the vibe up so much for the final build making it feel nostalgic and happy. Couldn't be happier with that last minute change up!

Hurt feat. Sarah Bonito - 2:28 

Towards the end of writing Hurt we didn't really have an affecting breakdown which we thought was really important, but as the structuring came together we thought we'd use the hook 'and i'm in love with youuuuu' into the final section. We also added this nice ride cymbal over the top that just added that little extra boppyness. Oh yeah and we love the cute plinky solo over the's so reminscant of games like Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger.

Walk With Me feat Kučka - 2:46

Our bridge section is probably one of our favourite parts of Walk With Me as we really needed a section to break up the repetition of the song. Luckily when we were going through some FM8 presets we found a great e-piano sound that worked so well for the bridge bringing the whole song together sonically.

Falling Out feat. Lido - 0:58

This is Lido's handy work here, an amazing piano section that builds such suspense into the second 'drop'. It was quite a while in the making for this track, we first started it with Lido when he came to Australia last year and we slowly polished it and sent it back and forth across emails until we had it sounding perfect, needless to say we are really happy with what he brought to the track.

Ether feat. Hi Tom - 1:32

Ether is just so exciting for us, it was really something new for us to do and we're so glad we had Hi Tom help us out to realise the tracks full potential. This section that happens after the first 'drop' and we just thought of a new arp line to go over the bass line and it just sounded so intense and urgent, this track is an absolute journey and it wouldn't have sounded the same with out this change up.

Snare feat. Wild Eyed Boy - 0:38

Snare is an old track for us but it was a real achievement for us in that it was one of the first really 'songy' songs that we'd ever written. The placement of the sections and little additions of tropical sounds like the mallet at 0:38 really helped the track maintain momentum and establish the mood of the song. Snare will always be a favourite of ours as it marks one of our first vocal tracks that we were really happy with.

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