In The Booth: Oh Gosh

In The Booth: Oh Gosh

The carnival dons take us through a night on the wheels ahead of their Summer Shakedown at Slim's.

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A collaboration of the promoter expertise of DDWYT's Chris Caravella (who you might remember from our Pile TV A Day With video series) and Lucidity's Maxwell Hearn, Oh Gosh! is a new Perth initiative putting a bit of bass back in the place - as well as dub, dancehall, UK Garage, grime, jungle and whatever else gets bodies moving! With plans for regular throwdowns filled to the brim with local underground talent, Oh Gosh have regular touring international producers and DJs set to roll through - already heavyweights Flava D, Chimpo and Mala have been repp'd by Oh Gosh in Perth.

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Above: Mala

The Oh Gosh gang are giving Perth underground club fans a bit of sugar to get 2016 tasting sweet, by way of Summer Shakedown; that sees them linking with KBI Soundystem for a sure-to-be-loose club party with a tropical warehouse vibe, featuring "hands-down the baddest heavy-weight sound system in Perth".Expect some pure un-adulterated bass courtesy of some of the most on-point underground DJ guns in town: T.D.E.C DJs, Bantah, Bockman, Amber Akilla, Oh Gosh DJs and more.

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It's all going down at Jack Rabbit Slim's, in Perth, this Friday January 22, from 10pm - 5am. Get there before midnight for hella cheap $10 entry. The carnival dons take us through a night on the wheels with Oh Gosh ahead of their Summer Shakedown at Slim's:

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Whats your pre-game drink of choice?

Look, not going to lie.. a few long necks of VB never go astray BUT if we are feeling fancy and it's going be a big night, we would probably indulge in a bottle of Appleton's Estate and maybe some lime if we are feeling fancy.

OK, you’re ready for the club, what’s a tune that you would ease into the night with?

I'm a big fan of James Brown, I remember listening to him when I was a kid and thinking it was so full of energy and just wanted to dance, so probably:

You’ve warmed the room up and you want to show some love for your hometown. What tune are you going play to get everyone on the floor?

I think pretty much all of our mates are into UKG, and it’s a big influence in the music we are playing now/like to go out and party to so lets go with...

You’ve created the perfect environment and you’ve got ‘em now, what’s the tune you’ll play to get everyone hype? 

We have been listening to A LOT of carnival influenced stuff, I think we are all really love the flavour and vibe it brings to the party, for that reason id have to choose:

What is something you’re going to play to make the crowd whip out their phones and try Shazam the tune? 

I'm not one to try and hide what I'm playing, I draw from other DJs and learn from what I hear others play but if there is a tune I'd want people to go ‘What the fuck is that?’ I'd go:

The audience are very well-oiled, now it’s time to see them MOVE. What track is going to get everyone losing their inhibitions?

I grew up listening to a lot of hip hop and R&B so I like to throw back to something everyone can relate to, lets go with:

We’re on the home stretch and you can do no wrong, perfect time to bump the tempo up and get everyone sweaty – what are you going to throw out there?

I think we all have a soft spot for drum'n'bass, jungle and more recently footwork, I think a tune that perfectly sums up all three genres is:

Good night all and thanks for coming – what track are you going to leave everyone going home in a good mood with? 

That’s easy. So much emotion, so many good memories listening to this tune, it’s an all time percy...

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