Premiere: Watch part three Third Floor's epic audio/visual EP series - Dream State

Premiere: Watch part three Third Floor's epic audio/visual EP series - Dream State

The ambitious project is almost nearing its completion.

British-born now Sydney-based producer Aaron Bannie AKA Third Floor's upcoming debut EP Dream State reaches its penultimate episode with the third of four tracks premiered today via, well, us obviously. The collaborative project with J Motor Film has so far featured the first single, Thinking Of You, followed by I See You and now today's You Are The One. Dealing in love, lust, jealousy and the darker realms of fantasy, it's been a thrilling journey thus far which would count for nothing if it weren't for the ethereal, atmospheric soundtrack that is the sonic element of Dream State.

In case you haven't seen parts one or two yet, we've embedded them all below (head straight to the bottom if you're up to speed with the haunting adventures of Charley Rose), plus there's a sneaky free download of the single at the end:


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