Track By Track: Messy Mammals find meaning in their latest EP, Connection Lost!

Track By Track: Messy Mammals find meaning in their latest EP, Connection Lost!

Released late last year, it's three-tracks of wonderfully intriguing electronic-pop.

Asha Trips and Fionn Brewer together form Messy Mammals, a production duo making some wickedly diverse electronic pop. Mid-December last year saw the release of a three-track EP Connection Lost!, traversing the world of human connection in our digital world. It's an excellent release, and to help offer a bit of context to the concepts on the release, they sent us a tidy little track by track for it.

Check the EP and the track by track out below, and make a real life connection with Messy Mammals at one of their upcoming Yarra Hotel residency shows, every Sunday this January - more info HERE.


Connection Lost! is really heavily concept-y!! lol. We had the thought to explore human connections (including connections with our own selves), and really focus on the tactile/"touch" elements of these non-phsycial (by nature) connections. We thought that "touch" can be loaded with emotion, but also it is very raw, and it felt like the perfect element of connections to focus on - it's just so interesting and we're constantly facing it without even thinking about it deeply (You might notice, every track has lyrical references to "touch", hu hu hu!).

We wanted the music to feel tactile, like something which you can hold, so we worked with close vocals and sounds, analog synths, personal lyrics, some crunchy/"feel" type sounds. And close friends! So the overall vibes are very close & human :-)


This track is about the ways in which our ideological beliefs can make us feel more, or less, connected with other humans (an inspo for this one was hellish facebook debates! ! ! ! lol). The verses are more directed at people that we've had arguments/philosophical/political etc differences with, but the choruses focus on the more positive side - getting together with those beautiful hearts who share your values and just feeling connected with each other and hopeful for the future, together.


This track explores the breakdown of a relationship - that moment in a relationship where you have been fighting so much and it's all kind of a living hell, but memories of how good it used to be makes you cling on. Yeah, love is the worst, love makes you go crazy. lol.
Sonically, we were partially inspired by Sade for this one, in terms of the smoother elements and the beat; but we mixed that with psych-y and warpy sort of sounds.


The last of the trio, this one is also about the connection we personally explore the leeeast - our connections with ourselves. One day, I looked in the mirror and realised I had no idea who that girl was, looking back at me. It was so weird. I wanted to remind myself to spend more time with me, be a friend to myself too. This song is also heavily devoted to my best, closest friends who I used to spend so much time with, but then music and life changed and took over and I just don't spend enough time with them anymore, or even talk to them enough anymore, and that in turn makes me feel less like myself and is quite heartbreaking really. So it's about bringing it all together to get back in touch with ME and withTHEM, as they are a part of me!

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