Premiere: German musician Moglii teams up with Panama for new single, Push Me

Premiere: German musician Moglii teams up with Panama for new single, Push Me

The Cologne-based producer has had a stand-out few years both in the limelight and behind-the-scenes, with a deep connection to Australian electronic shining through.

Even if you're not too familiar with the name Moglii, he's someone that's most likely worked on a track you've heard before. He's worked behind-the-scenes on tracks by Hayden James in the past, and his own work (which has been circling around the last four or five years now) captures this rich sense of familiarity that makes you feel like you've come across it before, even if you're not too familiar with the name. 

Just take everything that he's released throughout the course of 2020, for example. Face 2 Face moulds together rich tapestries of intimate indie-electronica with the R&B-like touch of Berlin-based collaborator Lion Sphere, while Skoda brought light-hearted and wind-swept energy in a time where it was needed most, teaming up with LissA for the occasion. Oxygen, which was quietly released shortly after, shows how Moglii's skillset shines even without external collaborators, keeping things concise and intimate as he toys with his multi-instrumentalist skillset and uses it to create something wonderful.

Now, he's sending the year off with one last song that yet again showcases his talents, with Push Me seeing Moglii reinforce his connection to Australian electronica by pairing him up with Panama - the now-solo project of Jarrah McCleary. Premiering on Pilerats today ahead of its official release tomorrow (December 11th), the song is a lush display of indie-electronica that brings this warm nostalgia-like feeling to the surface through magical production; a hot-bed of swirling synth and subtle percussion forming an underlay for Jarrah's vocal to navigate over the top.

"I actually met Jarrah (Panama) through email," explains Moglii on how the collaboration came about. "I'm living in Cologne and he is living in LA, so we had to bring this project together from a distance. I remember that I was texting Jarrah via Instagram the first time. He answered immediately so we started a collaboration soon after. It turned out, that it was really a match in regards to taste and the musical vision for that project."

As Jarrah continues, you find that the song's lushness disguises something darker and more intimate swelling underneath; the collaboration being an opportunity for Panama to cathartically vent and dissect a too-familiar feeling to many. "Push Me is quite an emotional song for me. It tells the story of a sensation of rejection and is an acute expression of faintness with all its deep emotional components," he explains. "It talks about intimate feelings in a relationship that is characterized as complicated, cold-hearted but intense at the same time. Crying out for acceptance seems to be the only way of recovering the love you once felt."

There's an official video accompanying the release directed by Sarah Knupfer too, which you can take a dive into below as it premieres on Pilerats today:

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