Kinder chat their summer anthem Come Along, and connecting to Ghana for its video

Kinder chat their summer anthem Come Along, and connecting to Ghana for its video

The dance music twins' new single - which features A.Girl - is a rushing sweep of fun, injected with bursts of their culture.

Kinder is likely a name familiar to anyone with their finger on the Australian electronic pulse. The Maitland duo - composed of sisters Savannah and Briony Osei - have been a mainstay on the festival circuit for a few years now, playing almost every major event in Australia amongst headline shows and DJ sets in more places than likely anyone else in their league. Meanwhile, their production work over the last 24 months have brought their signature energy to the recorded format - think soaring choruses and heaving breakdowns; sun-soaked, wind-swept energy at every turn.

They've been a bit quiet throughout 2020, choosing to spend the time off touring by doubling down on their craft and working on new material expected over the next little while. The first taste of which is Come Along, one of the most addictive dance-pop songs to come out of the country in the last few years and one that sees the duo pair up with rising star A.GIRL, the end result being a bursting explosion of bright hooks and dancing production that leaves you playing it over and over again.

It's without a doubt one of the funnest songs of the year - a sure-win soundtrack to the summer of seltzer approaching - but there's a deeper connection too, which plays a part in the single's official video clip being unveiled today. It's a connection to their culture and family in Ghana, sharing their story through recollections of the past infused with high-energy club music, sampling the world around them and intertwining melodies from their homes both in Sydney and Ghana.

In the single's official video clip - directed by Josh Lee and Dre Otubuah - these worlds come together, flicking between visuals filmed in the Ghana capital of Accra with those filmed back in Sydney; where the duo have found themselves in the last few years, moving there from Maitland at the cusp of their career growth. Featuring Savannah and Briony as well as A.GIRL, the video is an energetic rush that brings the single's colourful sound to life, using dancers, market owners and the earth around them to do so.

It's a whole lot of fun, and you can take a dive into it below, where you'll also find our chat to them about the single, the video, and keeping in touch with their culture through music.

So first of all, this song is an absolute banger, and it feels like such evolution from what you two have done in the past. I know it’s been a while since Kinder last released music, was there anything in that break that you think really helped you two evolve or further your sound?

Thank you! :) That break was exactly what we needed. We realised during that time that there is really no right or wrong way to make music. And a million people can tell you what to do but at the end of the day you have to stay true to yourself. The break was time for us to just enjoy making music. Prior to this break, we sort of felt like we continuously needed to have music out and we put a bit of pressure on ourselves which wasn’t all that necessary.

What we have learnt is there are really no rules, as long as you are enjoying making the music. And I think that's exactly where we have landed now, we are not taking it too seriously and just doing it for the vibes. Doing it how we want too.

I know a trip to Ghana was quite inspiring for this record, down to all the little fragments of Ghana you have littered through the track. Can you tell us a little bit about how that really helped inspire you two creatively?

Well yes, most of the memories we are speaking about in the track are Briony's. Savannah was just a little baby on this trip. But Briony really has always talked about how fascinating this trip was. It was mind-blowing just how different Africa was/is from Australia. As a young girl, she was quite taken back by all the new sites and smells. Having such wonderful imagery to write about gets us in a good flow. We like painting pictures with our songs and so the Ghanian imagery seemed like a good pallet for us to begin working from.

I know when talking to other artists from the diaspora - those who grew up away Australia - that there’s a real creative burst that comes with being more in-touch with your home, and the family and culture and communities you grew around. Is that something you two felt as well?

Yes absolutely, it gave us the burst we never realised we needed. This part of our culture we just kind of took for granted and didn’t really immerse ourselves in it as much as we wish we had growing up. So being able to explore this side of us in our music is really a cathartic experience. So many new themes and stories have evolved from being able to explore our heritage and our fathers homeland. It is a part of us, and it means a lot to be able to connect and share this side of us.

I think it’s difficult to bring such rich cultural inspiration together with club music. How do you two hope to show Ghana through this track?

Well, there are a few moments in this track that resonate with the Ghanian culture. The chants in the track are inspired by western African vocal melodies. We had a producer by the name of Papa G playing a traditional Ghanian Xylophone type instrument called a Gyll. And then I guess the imagery in the lyrics, whether it resonates with anyone else reminds us of Ghana.

At what point did it make sense for A.Girl to come onto the track? Why do you think you were so drawn to her as a collaborator for this track?

Well actually it started out by chance, we were put in a session with her at a Ricochet writing camp. However, A Girl being from New Zealand described her community traditions and values as similar to our Dad’s family in Ghana. So that connection made writing this song so authentic and special.

It’s a song that really brings joy, and I know that bringing joy is a real ethos of kinds for Kinder. What do you think fuels that?

As we have all discovered this year life can sometimes be a little gloomy. There are ups and downs. So we want to provide light and joy to people, even if it's just for a minute in their day. Have you ever been to a festival after having had a shit week but you rock up to your favourite artists set or an artist who’s just simply smiling and dancing with the crowd, it's really hard not to be distracted in that moment and smile. We just want to be able to give that experience to people, like other artists have done for us.

Can you tell us a bit about the video clip for Come Along?

Our main objective for this clip was for it to be a vibe. We filmed half of it here and the other half in Ghana. We love dancing so we got a bunch of dancers to perform in the clip.

We had this concept of connecting the two worlds by the dancers both here and Ghana learning the same dance. It's kinda cool cos even though it's the same dance, both countries performed with their own flavour.

Did it make sense to have some of the video quite heavily centre Ghana, considering its influence to the song?

Yes. Because the track has so many Ghanian influences we thought it would be amazing to accompany the song with visual imagery from Accra, which is the capital of Ghana.

What do you think is next for Kinder? What should we expect in 2021?

We are just keen to be able to finally party. We are going to put a lot of effort into our live shows and hopefully dance with you all. We have a few more tracks that we are so excited to share with everyone. These tracks are some of our favourites to date, and so we can’t wait for 2021.

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