Rojdar offers some tour tips in the midst of his own huge Aussie tour

Rojdar offers some tour tips in the midst of his own huge Aussie tour

Currently celebrating the recent release of his boppy new single, Freakin Wasted.

Header photo by Liam Pethick.

After a banner 2017 that saw Melbourne DJ/producer Rojdar that saw him rack up streams and radio play thanks to debut single Ignition, he's not slowing down in 2018 after just dropping follow-up track, Freakin Wasted. It comes after he also supported The Script at their massive Brisbane show, and now he's back on the road flying solo to celebrate the single's release. To mark the occasion we asked him for a few touring tips, and he did not disappoint - check it all out below:


Window Seats

When you fly, always try get a window seat. That way you can rest your head and sleep and no one will bother you to move when they have to go to the bathroom. Window seats are defs the power move.

Socks can be worn twice if you turn them inside out

On tour you run out or socks and undies pretty quick. When times get desperate, you can flip your socks inside out and wear them. It’s like you have a new pair on.

Make time for everyone

Make time for everyone. This one is super important - being able to tour and perform across the country/world is a bloody privilege. You’ll have a lot of people aspiring to tour come speak to you and ask questions, most of the time it will be the same questions over and over but you have to not get annoyed and just speak to them. A lot of people forget that they were once in that position and did the same thing to other artists. And plus you never know who will blow up and be touring with you, people don’t forgot when someone gave them time.

Spooning your pillow will ease the fact that you’re lonely and no one will tuck you in

Touring is lonely and Tinder is unreliable, get use to spooning your pillow and watching Netflix alone.

Don’t commit to anything after you’ve had a few drinks - People will follow you up

If you’re like me, you get super happy when you’re drinking. One piece of advice would be not to make any promises when you’re drunk. I always do this and end up at breakfast/lunch the next day hungover hating life because I’ve drunk promised someone something. I know what you’re thinking, why don’t you just cancel and I wish I could, but I’m a yes man lol.


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