Premiere: Froyo whip up an 80s synth-pop dream with Heart

Premiere: Froyo whip up an 80s synth-pop dream with Heart

Accompanied by a completely self-made video, the single is the first from their upcoming EP, Blue.

Sydney synth-pop darlings Froyo are a group we've talked about a fair load over the last few years, with their glistening, electronic-backboned delights charming us time and time again. In saying that, however, the group are one most definitely following the quality of quantity mantra, releasing only a pair of singles - 2016's debut Pride and its 2017 follow-up, Darling - meaning that they haven't really had the opportunity just yet to truly flesh out their sound and show us their many sides, something that usually takes a full, EP-length release (or longer) to truly achieve. That hasn't stopped them from becoming Australian treasures though, developing a cult fanbase that has followed their journey through winning triple j Unearthed's competition to play Groovin The Moo sister-festival The Plot, performing at events including Vivid LIVE, and supporting some of our favourite acts around, from Yeo and RAAVE TAPES right through Glades and I Know Leopard.

2019 sees Froyo introduce a new era marked by more significant releases and more shows than ever, with the band today premiering their new single and first for 2019, Heart, which also acts as the debut tease for their long-awaited debut EP Blue, which will arrive on May 3. Heart, in the meantime, brings this 'Stranger Things'-esque 80s synth-pop sound forward into the future, uniting dazzling synth melodies with emotively-charged vocals that add a touch of vulnerability and openness to the single's swirling feel, opting for something that combines lyrics a little more darker with a bright, colourful production. "Heart is about trying to do what your heart loves versus what your brain thinks. In the bigger picture of the EP’s narrative, Heart is about learning to love again and embracing the things you love," they say on the single. "Self-loathing is something that I have always struggled with, so having this as our final track of the EP is nice because it’ll always be there to remind me of the love and resuming that comes after sadness."

Listen to the single below via an entirely self-made video clip, and stay tuned for the release of their debut EP Blue, which will arrive independently on May 3.

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