Exclusive: Stream Froyo's debut EP, Blue, with a track-by-track walkthrough

Exclusive: Stream Froyo's debut EP, Blue, with a track-by-track walkthrough

The nostalgia-inducing Sydney synth-pop darlings continue to strive, this time with their debut EP.

Over the last few years, Sydney synth-pop darlings have emerged as a band we've really come to champion, and it's not hard to understand why. Ever since their 2016 debut single Pride, the group have cemented themselves as masters of this nostalgia-inducing, 80s-inspired synth-pop sound, with tracks like their 2017 follow-up single Darling and their Pilerats-premiered return Heart solidifying their place at darlings of our indie-electronic scene in a way. Despite having only three songs under the belt, Froyo have become somewhat cult-adored, winning triple j Unearthed's competition to play The Plot, performing at Vivid LIVE, and supporting some of our favourite acts around, like RAAVE TAPES and Yeo.

With a more consistent release schedule and a whole lot planned for the year ahead, 2019 is looking like the year Froyo finally break free from their 'under-rated band' shackles and become a celebrated newcomer to our scene, and if something's going to do it, it's going to be their debut EP Blue, streaming today ahead of its full release tomorrow independently. Spanning five tracks, Blue is a release that encompasses the many sides of quite a multi-faceted band, fleshing out their synth-driven, 80s-inspired way but presenting something new at the same time, which we'll leave you to discover as you stream it with a track by track walkthrough written by Michael and Allyson. It touches on some of the EP's darker themes lyrically - depression, anxiety, loss - and really adds a new layer to the release, which if nothing else, is something they should be stupendously proud of as a band so young and fresh. Stream it below:


Despite some dark subject matter, this is easily the happiest/cheesiest song on the EP. From the first demo, it always felt like a "track 1" track. The opening seconds feels like you just fired up an old VHS tape or something. Lyrically, this one's about calmly living with a problem and being content with doing absolutely NOTHING about it (which is bad, obviously). You know that comic strip of the yellow dog sitting in a room which is on fire, and then he calmly says "this is fine"? Yep. It's basically the same thing. Except here, we're happily singing about clinical depression.


Time To Trade is about deliberately overworking yourself. Not necessarily because you think it's going to help you in the long run, but because you're using work as an excuse to ignore other parts of your life which need your attention... like your relationships... your mental health... heck, even your house plants if that's how you relate!


The closest thing to a "slow jam" on this EP. It's literally the middle point, so it felt like a good place to drop a song that felt like a breather. It's real simple, and it just repeats the same verse over and over again - kinda like a prayer. It's about someone leaving you, and (even though you understand why) you're just willing to sit there and wait for them to return. Not actually written about a break up with a partner either. Rather, this is specifically about the time my mother abandoned me.


Out There is about the feeling of loss and anxiety when you're on your own. Written specifically about a dear friend of mine, Tristan, who had moved overseas to live in the UK. Out of the sadness, this song was born. It was a therapeutic way of dealing with him leaving. He even liked the song (despite not knowing it was about him). I planned on telling him (once this EP was released) that he was the reason Out There existed - as kind of a grand gesture to say "thanks for being a big influence in my life". However, that could never happen because Tristan died late last year... and following his death, this song took on a whole new meaning.

The big lesson learnt is this: don't wait for some grand moment to tell someone how much you love them... don't wait for their birthday, don't wait for that romantic sunset view, and especially don't wait for a silly EP to come out before you let them know how much they mean to you. Anyway, for this reason, this whole EP is dedicated to Tristan. Sure, Out There is still just a simple pop song on the surface, but it really means so much more than what it may seem.


The first single we put out in two years. As a single, it's about trying to do what your heart loves VS what your brain thinks - both are important, but you need that balance. In the bigger picture of the EP's narrative, Heart is about learning to love again. Not necessarily loving someone else. Rather, it's about learning to love YOURSELF and embracing the things you love. Particularly after going through a painful, tragic, or traumatic experience, you may find your heart struggling or failing to do what it desires. When your mind is overcome with anxiety or driven by fear, you'll start creating roadblocks that prevent you from giving (and receiving) love.

So yes. It was important to have Heart as the final track of this EP. Because it stands for hope after all the sadness. Letting your heart run again after it has stopped.

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