Meet NYNE and her hypnotic returning single, I Think You're

Meet NYNE and her hypnotic returning single, I Think You're

After popping up on tracks by Paces and Allday over the last few years, the Melbourne musician refocuses on her own project.

If you're in-tune with Australian top-liners and rising names within our pop scene, you might've already come across Melbourne musician NYNE. Over the last few years, she's collaborated with names ranging from Allday to Paces, while under her own alias, she's slowly been on the verge of a national break-out, racking up over a million Spotify plays on her 2016 single Bad Trip before taking a bit of time away from the spotlight - her comeback marked by 2018's first single in two years, Facts. Now, she's making a new push, signalling a new era for the NYNE project as she rebuilds the momentum and solidifies her place in the Australian pop music world, something she's set out to do with her latest single, I Think You're.

I Think You're is a quick-paced pop number that combines NYNE's sensual, soaring vocal with a dancehall-inspired production that would work perfectly alongside a superstar in a similar vein to Rihanna, giving a shaking platform for NYNE's hypnotic vocal to sway over the top. It glistens with this more refined shine and polish that you wouldn't really find in her past work - signalling a newfound maturity and hints of growth - and because of that, it doesn't as much feel like an extension of her previous work as it is an evolution, indicating what's bound to be a big year ahead. "I wrote I Think You’re very fast when I was actually really sick about a year ago," she says on the single. "In my voice notes I've still got the first versions of the hook, and my voice sounds like death warmed over, it's actually pretty funny to hear. If you listen really closely, there's a cough in one of the takes that accidentally made it into the finished version! I only noticed it when I heard the mastered final track, but there it is, forever!"

There's a lot more planned and, later this month, she kicks off a completely sold-out tour supporting Mallrat with Kota Banks. Get a load of I Think You're below and introduce yourself to NYNE in the meantime:

Tell us about yourself?

Iʼm a singer/writer (and sometimes producer) from Melbourne. Buffy enthusiast/friend to animals/secretly Batman/Taurus...

Whatʼs the vibe music-wise? 

I think it’s alt-R&B/hip-hop.

What are your production and writing processes like?

It changes with every song, but I tend to always write alone, and begin by putting the song down on a basic beat that I produce in my studio. Then I record all my vocals myself and send it all off to a producer that I think would click with it and take it to another level.

Can you tell us about your latest single, I Think Youʼre?

I Think Youʼre is just one of those songs that as soon as I finished the demo, I was excited about it. Iʼd worked with Siyoni previously on another one of my songs called Bad Trip and he killed the production on this!!!!

Any shows coming up?

YES!!! Iʼm opening for Mallrat on her Nobody’s Home tour in March and April.

What does 2019 have in store for you?

My first project is finally coming out; it’s an EP that I can’t wait to share. And hopefully lots of shows.

Where can we find more of your music?

Spotify / iTunes


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