Premiere: leftprojects share a percussive new number, Heaven

Premiere: leftprojects share a percussive new number, Heaven

The Sydney duo share a steamy new single through The Kite String Tangle's Exist Recordings.

Sydney electronic duo leftprojects - formerly known simply as Left. - are a pairing we've featured a couple of times over the years, with their swooning, R&B-infused take on down-tempo electronica winning us over time and time again, whether it be through their own, ever-changing work or their work as two of Australia's in-demand songwriters, working closely alongside the One Day crew of Australian hip-hop giants particularly. The pairing of producer/guitarist Jono Graham and vocalist Sarah Corry are one of Australia's most consistent and arguably overlooked acts within the electronic realm, finding moments of beauty and magic through sometimes the most simplistic of melodies.

Today, we premiere another enchanting cut from them titled Heaven. It's a swooning, percussion-led track that kicks their 2019 off on a high note, with a slightly more upbeat production by Jono coming together with Sarah's contrasting vocals, which really strain with this emotive, but somewhat uplifting feel that doesn't feel too far off what you'd expect from someone like Robyn. With Jono's intricate layers of percussion giving a platform for Sarah's vocal, there's really room for it to move around, which they most certainly do - ebbing and flowing alongside the production's highs and lows. "We want people to feel like they’re jumping out of their skin with love for someone, and already imagining themselves later in life, looking back on the best times of their life and being happy for it all. I want people to cry cos they’re sad it’s over, but happy it happened," Sarah says on the single, solidifying that Robyn-esque trait the single holds where even though the vocal is quite dark and emotive, there are moments of happiness and euphoria laden within it. Listen to the single below:

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