Premiere: NYNE - Season Two

Premiere: NYNE - Season Two

Take an advanced listen to the enigmatic Naarm/Melbourne-based artist’s new EP of ethereal electro pop as we check in with NYNE

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After building excitement for her sophomore EP with recent singles Blood on the Dancefloor and Dangerous, NYNE is ready to follow up 2020’s Season One EP with Season Two out June 30 but premiering on Pilerats today!

Like any good sequel, Season Two sees NYNE expanding and elaborating on her storyline so far, with the five tracks on the EP sounding like a natural progression of her emotional electronic sounds that cover a number of styles and tempos. From the driving pop sounds of Blood on the Dancefloor and Dangerous to the downtempo flavours of Expectations and the emotive trap vibes of Mission and Somebody Else, NYNE’s distinctive vocals weave their way throughout in hypnotic fashion.

Season Two marks the next step in NYNE’s exciting journey, that so far includes being the first Aussie artist associated with Drake’s OVO collective, receiving high rotation on triple j, wrote and performed on Allday and Paces hits, toured around Australia and countless playlist additions.

With Season Two out Friday, June 30, NYNE was kind enough to answer some questions about the new EP as we it:

Love the naming convention of your releases, calling them “Season One”, “Season Two” etc - where did that idea come from?

The honest answer …….. I’m a massive nerd !!! I grew up obsessed with Buffy & the spinoff show Angel, I always loved how each season felt very different.

How does Season Two differ from One?

Season Two leant a little more into the 80’s sound on the singles. I did explore it a little on “Vice City” that appeared on my first EP BUT the production on “Dangerous” & “Blood On The Dance Floor” felt a million times more authentic to that sound. I think on Season One it lyrically explored more confident themes and Season Two feels darker.

How important is collaboration to you?

It’s extremely important !!! Especially as a solo artist there’s no way I could do this completely on my own. It's kind of beautiful when you collaborate cause a little piece of you goes on someones else’s track or vice versa, whatever we’re going thru / where we are in the world / all of it plays a huge part, and it’s about tapping into different flavours or creating bigger worlds that are better for having more builders :) that got a little deep ……

Also just as an example for Season Two, Mike Snell (who mixed & mastered the whole second EP) on the track “Mission” added this really cool panning effect on certain lines and it’s just next level sound design!!! That's not something I would have even thought to bring to the table, but it really added an extra layer. I did not have any feature artists on Season Two but will always have lots of collaboration with producers & mixing engineers.

How is Season 2 feeling live?

I’m excited to explore that side of it more & introduce a live band at some point!! I remember playing “Dangerous” ages ago before it came out and it was soooooooo sick to see 2 girls up front just look at each other & start dancing like crazy. I don’t care if the song doesn’t hit well or go viral (that’d be nice though) when you see peoples reactions to something in real time it’s such a rewarding feeling.

What’s next for NYNE?

Season Two is coming out on the 30th and between me and you ……. I may or may not have locked into a studio room to finish Season Three, that so far is very dancehall / r&b with I’m hoping for lots of features!!!!!!!! Other than that I’d love to get a live band together & get back on the road.

What have you been listening to lately?

You know what, I've been listening to a lot of Timbaland & Scott Storch classics! I’m always listening to Drake……playing a lot of Aussie artist Peach prc + G-Flips new one “I’ll Be Your Man”.

NYNE's new EP Season Two is out June 30 via Be Rich Records

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