Jonty Czuchwicki

The indisputable Jesus Christ of music journalism; Jonty's feelings and opinions are inarguably fact. Frozen in carbonite for years before being freed by model/DJ/techno Princess Sita Abellan, he is mankind's last hope.

Greg Puciato's transition from Dillinger to The Black Queen

The Dillinger frontman discusses adapting to a new genre and being mentored by the legendary Justin Meldal-Johnsen.

8 years ago

Interview: Zakk Wylde (Black Label Society)

Catching up with the legendary guitarist, in Australia with Black Label Society.

9 years ago

Dropping The Darts: Jonty’s Story

From ironman to wasteman - for drummer and journalist Jonty, whose been smoking since he was a kid, quitting has been a daily battle.

9 years ago

Listen: Joy & Sparkes - Come to Me

Produced especially for Strawberry Fields Festival, this bass heavy track could see Joy make her Festival debut.

9 years ago

Watch: Cosmic Psychos - Fuckwit City

It's a place where you belong.

9 years ago

Interview: Graveyard

The Swedish rockers on their fourth album, Innocence & Decadence.

9 years ago

Interview: Between The Buried & Me

The band's vocalist talks film scores and space exploration.

9 years ago

Interview: Refused

A long time between albums means there's been a few changes too.

9 years ago

Watch: Oscar Key Sung - Altruism

A sensitivity-soaked ditty sure to make you swoon.

9 years ago

Listen: Methyl Ethel - Twilight Driving

Twilight driving can be inadvertently dangerous out west when you’re weaving around birds and roos, but sure does it make great inspiration.

9 years ago

Watch: Mother's Cake - Gojira

Mother’s Cake up the ante with their first true studio release since 2012.

9 years ago