Meet the producers behind Decks And The City - an anti-lockout documentary

Meet the producers behind Decks And The City - an anti-lockout documentary

And you can help them get it finished.

James Corbett is one half of the Psy-entists, he is also responsible for hosting international acts such as Infected Mushroom and 1200 Mics in Adelaide. Glen Scrymgour is a full time filmmaker who specialises in documentaries, music videos and live performances. Together they have 25 years of experience in the music industry.

After a quarter century of being inspired by new ideas, the two have joined forces to direct and produce a feature film entitled Decks And The City. The documentary celebrates night life culture and our rights pertaining to it. As a direct yet non antagonistic counter movement to lockout policy, its release will have a ripple effect on the way people think about late night entertainment.

James Corbett and Glen Scrymgour have launched a Kickstarter Campaign to speed up the release of Decks and the City, you can check that out HERE, and read a quick chat with the two-some below:

So many musicians have become subjects in this film. Tell us about some of the guests that were interviewed and their influence on dance music in Australia. Is SA just as important nationally?

We have interviewed many talented individuals who play a significant role in their area of the dance music scene. There’s old school legends like HMC who is a global success and can still take out Number 1 spots in the Beatport charts, to people like Motez who is also massive interstate and overseas. They have devoted their life to music. HMC stated that music is his life and he is married to music when we asked if he had a supportive partner! We have interviewed people with various roles in the industry.

Promoters, DJs, producers, venue owners as well as audiences. SA has proved to be an interesting state compared to others; we often don't give our locals as much credit as they are worth. Artists can get more work and more support interstate and overseas! Not the case for all artists but we were shocked at the people who had mentioned that.

Congratulations on meeting half your target. Let’s talk about the Kickstarter. Why do you need to crowdfund Decks And The City and how are backers being rewarded? What will you be investing in?

Films cost a lot of money to produce and distribute. Hire of equipment gets expensive, especially after 18 months of production. The reason for launching the Kickstarter now is due to the focus on lockout laws yet again sweeping the nation. We need to finish this film so we can put a positive message out there. Time off from our day jobs is needed to focus on this full time. Until now it has been a labor of love outside of full time work and other commitments, projects and parenting. It has been intense!

Costs will cover a small wage for one month to sit in the studio editing, hire equipment for remaining interviews, invest in marketing, distribution and hire of cinemas for the launch. How much you pledge will determine your reward. You could have your name in the credits of the film, entry to the public premier or entry to the Advanced VIP Screening. The most popular pledge is the $40+ bracket which gets your name in the credits and entry to the public premiere.

The film has a clear message. If the crowd funding campaign is successful how do you see the release of Decks And The City influencing policy, people’s behaviour and their perception of late night events?

The goal is to give those who are disconnected from the nightlife culture an insight into what it really is all about. It isn't about going out and getting drunk, it is about coming together to enjoy good music. Especially for shows playing a particular style of music. Whether it is d'n'b, house, trance, electro, or hardcore etc. Everyone goes to these events to hear music that resonates with their soul. The people running events and performing in the industry are "regular people". They are standing next to you buying groceries, paying taxes, have personal goals, families with young or old children. They all share a passion. It’s beautiful to think people can follow a passion and make people happy. Why would anyone want to take that away?

Beyond pledging to the Kickstarter campaign, how can people get involved or learn more about Decks And The City?

Message us on our FACEBOOK page if you have any questions, we are always happy to have a chat and have a quick response timeframe too. Any help with spreading the word about the film would be great too. Any producers out there that would like to send us some tunes, please get into contact!

The crowdfunding campaign for Decks and the City will remain open until Tuesday March 15.

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