Track By Track: BEL offers insight into her debut EP, Melancholia

Track By Track: BEL offers insight into her debut EP, Melancholia

A beguiling release from an exciting young talent.

Last week we had the immense fortune of premiering Melbourne artist BEL's debut six-track EP, Melancholia, as thrilling a debut as we've heard in a long time. So enchanted by the release, we asked BEL if she could give us some more insight into the EP's development, to which she kindly complied.

It's very clear that this project is one that hasn't just been throw together - every element has been carefully considered and thought out, and it's great to peer behind the curtains of that process. Check it out below, and see BEL launch the EP live with art and music show in Melbourne THIS SATURDAY.


Melancholia was the first track we started working on. Funnily enough it was the one I felt least confident about, but it turned out it’s the track that has set the tone for the entire record. Melancholia is about the relationship with one’s own mind. I had to go really deep inside myself. It’s essentially a dialogue between the outer and inner me. It touches on the tricks your mind can play, as well as the strength your thoughts can provide. It was a fun one to produce though. The outro section was the best part to build. There are at least 50 layers of various vocals, breaths and other sounds made with my voice that bring it together.


Own Home is without a doubt the most personal and raw track on the EP. At first glance, this song appears to be about suicide. Whilst it’s easy to see the connotations implying such themes, when I wrote this I was not thinking about suicide. I wrote this to describe the beauty and tranquility in death. We fear it. The references to mum and dad are both literal and metaphorical. Parents generally provide love and comfort; I want this love for them to be shown. Essentially it’s about respecting the circle of life, no matter what cruel form it may take.


Dazed is chill, but production wise I love how this one took form. It’s the intricacies in this track’s subtle layout that I am proud of. Dazed is about perfectionism and how at times, it can be incredibly debilitating. I know this is a relatable concept for a lot of artists; musical or visual. Sometimes we “let our drive kill us”. No pun intended. This one was important for me to put on the first record. I want to get that self-deprecating side out of me early ha!


Big Bad Beast is my fire track. It was written to snap me back into reality. It’s easy to delve real deep into your thoughts and get lost in them. This one is about embracing the diversity, uniqueness and complexities in me and being ok with that.


Beg is my intro to this record. It’s about coming out of your shell and embracing what you deserve in this life. It’s about realising the fakery and trickery in this world and finding your place. I just turned 21 so I am still figuring that out. In sum, it dictates my growth from teen to adult and how that’s occurred.


Down To The Bone is about asserting your worth. Following on from the other tracks, this one touches more on not allowing yourself to be used and abused. I have grown up with a strong feminist mother who always taught me to trust my gut intuition and thoughts above anything else. When you feel something at your core, in your bones, you know it’s right. It’s about honoring and strengthening that relationship no matter what it takes. It’s always going to be you against the world.


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