Touch Sensitive takes us through his long-awaited debut album, Visions

Touch Sensitive takes us through his long-awaited debut album, Visions

An album many years in the making, and totally worth the wait.

Touch Sensitive, otherwise known as Michael Di Francesco, has spent the last four years perfecting his debut album, Visions. Recorded between Sydney, LA and New York, it's a defining body of work from one of Australia's most beloved electronic artists. First coming to the collective conscious with the ubiquitous breakout single Pizza Guy, he's been dropping singles sparsely since, leaving a population hungry for me. And with Visions, the former Van She member has put it all on the table. Delicious, cosmic-fuelled disco grooves that come with an instantly timeless sensibility, Di Francesco is an artist concerned with making music that lasts, and we get the feeling Visions is an album that will stand the test of time in our producer-heavy, new age digital world.

We're incredibly honoured to share some insights from the man himself on each track from Visions, which you can read up on while you listen, below. And don't forget to catch him live on the upcoming Listen Out tour, kicking off in a couple of weeks.

1. First Slice (Intro)

This is the bridge between where I left off and where I am now.

2. Lay Down

Lay Down is the oldest child on the record. It was born as part of a collaboration with a car company, but when Jack Vallens sent through a vocal for it in the 13th hour, I felt like it was too good to give up on. It went through 100 different versions and I’ve played it in all of my sets since its conception, so despite the ups and downs I’m glad it saw the light of day.

3. Veronica

This song was called Veronica because it's a beautiful name and a bit New Jack, it has a sample of one of my favourite house producers, Paul Johnson.

4. Lose It All

This was conceived at a Red Bull writing camp a couple of years ago. I had just met I.O. and after staying in LA for a while and attending Funkmosphere as often as possible, tried to do something that simulates the feeling I get when I go there.

5. Comfortable feat. Harriet Brown

Harriet Brown is a one of my favourites. When I heard 20/15 I was an immediate fan, so hit him up on the off chance he’d be up for working on something. We spent a couple of days in the studio (one in the famed LA Capitol Records building, which was pretty cool) and this track happened.

6. Comfortable feat. Harriet Brown (Reprise)

Comfortable was on the long side so we split it into two parts. The reprise has a bit more of a jam vibe too, as it’s not as loopy as the full track.

7. The Mystery Of Cats

I made this with Scott Saunders, an influential musical and spiritual figure in my life. I was a bit obsessed with KPM library/Fairlight music and this is a nod to that.

8. No Other High feat. Electric Fields

This track lived as an instrumental for a while waiting for the right vocal. I’m a fan of those late 80s R&B records, so I tried express my love for that on this, and it has a couple of my oldest friends playing on it so that in itself makes it special to me.

9. Two Walls feat. Tori Zietsch

Originally this was meant to be like a Martika or a Swing Out Sister record, but it didn’t turn out that way hahaha! Not sure what it is now, but Tori (of Seavera) is the star of the show.

10. Known Better

I love swing. Not sure I nailed it, but i really like the vocals Grayson (of Biyo) did and I think it’s nice to have a break from the slow disco beats for a change.

11. Don't Stop The Beat

At the time of making this record, my neighbours started construction so the relaxing spa sounds in the middle of this track are a direct reaction to the not-so-pleasant sounds happening next door. In the end they built a beautiful house.

12. You Are My Last Chance (Interlude)

Made this one with child prodigy turned adult Harry Sutherland. It's a tribute to one of my favourite bass players, Verdine White, who's the master of the octave-vibrato thing.

13. Putting On Airs feat. WILLS

I started this on the memorymoog as just an emotion and then once Wills added the vocal it turned into a fusion of Prince, Italo and Enya.

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