Stace Cadet unveils steamy new club heater, Way Back Home

Stace Cadet unveils steamy new club heater, Way Back Home

And we sent the man a few questions to find out what the f is up in 2017.

After a relatively quiet-on-the-release-front 2017, which to be fair has included THIS stomping Dance Cult remix, Stace Cadet has returned with a spankin' new original tune, Way Back Home. It's a club-ready banger to be sure, but also has elements of a slightly more casual affair, making us feel like it can work both down in the underground, but also for a casual Saturday afternoon pump up. You can take a listen below, and also learn a little about what he's been up to in 2017, and what's coming up for the rest of the year:

How are you dude? What’s going on in Stace Cadet land in 2017? You’ve been pretty quiet on the release front this year – any reason for that in particular?

Hey Hello! Straight to the point! Haha. To be perfectly honest - I wrote my last single (Molly Happy) before Stace Cadet was even born, so I had to do a lot of catchup as far as production and finding out who I wanted to be as an artist. You could say my hiatus has been the bi-product of me becoming a better musician and making sure that the music I am putting out is quality. The last 12 months has been a massive eye-opener and working on remixes for Lords like ODD MOB, KLP and Dance Cult has really helped a lot to cut my teeth in this wonderful little music world we live in. In other news, the next three singles are lined up so you won’t have to stress about when your next Stace Cadet fix will hit you.

Obviously one thing that has been going on is new single Way Back Home, tell us a bit about it:

Yeah yeah! I wrote Way Back Home around the same time as Molly Happy so it is definitely cut from the same cloth. Way Back Home however is a bit more uplifting and an ode to those times when you just wanna go the fuck home. For example: Stuck in traffic? Way Back Home. It’s 5.29pm on the rocket clock at work and you have been watching the bastard tick for the last two hours? Way Back Home. End of a two-day-bender with three young bloods you met at Revolver in their step dad's shed and you're out of piss? Way Back Home.

So on and so forth...

It feels like a nice blend between clubby banger and dancey pop, is it hard to find that a blend of music that works not only on the dancefloor, but maybe just casual listening as well?

Yeah I think you have hit the nail on the head there. I suppose I felt a bit of a gap there and wanted to create something you could listen to in your car as well as on a dancefloor. I mean, you can always get that clubbier fix on a remix pack too. We were stoked to have Friendless, Hey Sam, SODF and Double Agent on remix duties for this single. Huge stuff from the lads!

How’s life working with the Medium Rare gang going?

Absolute dickheads. No no, I came in to this a little over a year ago pretty green to the whole thing and they have been instrumental in helping shape my path. Medium Rare has been super supportive and I am so proud to be on a label that has achieved so much in such little time. Ben, Tom and Daniel (BENSON, LO’99, TERACE) are all so successful in their own right, so it’s nice to have three powerhouses backing your music. MRR4LYF.

Now that the single is out, can we expect some shows, more new music, or both!?

Just locking down all the shows now and looking like a late November to early January run in all the majors and some regionals. Excited about hitting the road again and sharing all the things with all the people. So much new music and a bit of a live show format moving forward into 2018.

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