Naarm/Melbourne-based singer, songwriter, producer and dancer returns with his bold & bouncy new single + trippy music video - take a first watch and listen

After making waves with this debut single Not Your Fetish earlier this year (that LÂLKA big upped in her edition of Australian Music Is Bloody Great), Naarm-based multidisciplinarian LION is back in emphatic fashion with the wild new single of distorted electropop goodness ATTENTION, which alongside it’s striking CGI-scape filled music video is premiering on Pilerats today ahead of its September 15 release!

Kicking off with rhythmic, heavily processed samples, LION’s sultry, rapid fire vocals soon enter the mix over a 4x4 kick drum, with tension building to the bass heavy, hypnotic chorus, culminating in a wild climax of distorted beats, synths and a whole lot of attitude that defintely demands your ATTENTION.

Speaking on his new single, LION explains “This song has many layers. The general message is not to replace self-love with external validation, but the video elaborates on that. The gold trophy island signifies how relying on external validation can result in valuing materialism. This also relates to capitalism and consumerism; systems which make us feel like we’re never enough, urging us to consume more to fill the void. Yes, we absolutely need to continue the journey of loving ourselves, but we also need to acknowledge how actively difficult that is. Our media and culture have conditioned us to believe our authentic selves aren’t good enough, so we have to fight that conditioning.”

Meanwhile, the striking video sees LION busting out some slick choreography in a psychedelic 3D CGI world - take a watch a few days ahead of release:

LION's new single ATTENTION is out September 15


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