Made in Paris and Human Movement interview each other ahead of Daylité Open Air

Made in Paris and Human Movement interview each other ahead of Daylité Open Air

The two Australian tech titans will meet at Perth's Daylité Open Air, joined by Mall Grab, Satoshi Tomiie and more.

It's not often that we get great house events in Perth, but a rising house scene locally, nationally and internationally means that we're gradually getting better and better events as time goes on, and by the looks of things, 2019 is starting out with an absolute scorcher of one. Daylité Open Air, a new event by the teams behind Nevermind Smallclub and All The Reasons, will take over The Court on New Years Day for an absolute bumper line-up featuring tech-house titans from both near and far. The internationally-dominating Mall Grab leads the proceedings with his first Perth show in a while, joined by Japanese DJ/producer Satoshi Tomiie and Australian heavyweights Human Movement and Made in Paris (who round off the national/international side of the billing after a huge 2018), while a collection of Perth-based DJs and producers dedicated to pushing our local house/tech movement further into the spotlight round out the lineup.

With three unique stages, top-tier sound systems and a whole heap of other goodies, it's ramping up to be a unique breath of fresh air to our local festival/large-scale-gig market, and to celebrate the event and tease its arrival, we got to of our favourites - Human Movement and Made in Paris - to interview each other before the big day. Check it all out below, and find more info on Daylité Open Air HERE.

Made in Paris interview Human Movement:

What artist influences your sound the most at this moment?

Blake: Stimming and Kin”K, both of these artists were huge influences for us building our live performances.

Eddy: [I've] been doing some music for film at the moment so have been taking influence from artists like Hans Zimmer and Phillip Glass also watched 'Under The Skin' the other day and the way Mica Levi creates such an eerie tension in that film is amazing. Bringing the emotion and feeling that film portrays and incorporating it into dance music really interests me.

Do you enjoy performing live more than a DJ set?

Definitely, although we love getting ripped and playing DJ Sets as there are so many limitations from a genuine performance aspect. The live performances allow us to arrange and have a lot more control over the music we make… plus all our music is original.

Who would you guys love to jump in the studio with?

If we were to work with another singer, someone like Anderson .Paak would be awesome to get in the studio with. Otherwise, if it was another electronic producer probably have to be a veteran that's been doing it for a while like Kerri Chandler.

Most used hardware/plugin in your productions over the past year?

Blake: - Sylenth1 by Lennar Digital (mad for nu-school 303 sound)

Eddy - Ableton Live’s Operator (huge for sine waves and overtones).

Choose 1: Warehouse party, outdoor festival or club show?

All three have their own perks, but there's nothing better than an outdoor bush doof in the Australian sun.

Human Movement interview Made in Paris:

What is your favourite track to play right now and why?

John Monkman - Tune In Turn On (Original Mix) - the vocals just do it for me and the drop will grab everyone's attention, very captivating, so on that dancefloor, you know it's going to absolutely get everyone moving.

What would you say is the NUMBER ONE Australian touring travel hack.

Have a nap on the plane always in between shows as sleep is precious when you're touring

If you could, who would be your dream B2B partner?

Maceo Plex - I love his diversity and I feel my taste in music and my sound would not only mesh well with his but work a treat ;)

Vinyl or CDJs. Why?

CDJs due to the fact I still haven’t got around to learning vinyl.. but I always enjoy watching a vinyl set.

What makes you create your best work, and when?

Watching an artist perform that inspires you is always such a great moment and lets you walk away with so much drive for your own projects. Also watching people be creative in the studio and listening to mixes whilst on a run outdoors in nature are some of the best ways to not only stay in touch with everyone else's music but drive your own motivations too :)

Human Movement and Made in Paris join Mall Grab, Satoshi Tomiie and more at Daylité Open Air, hitting The Court on January 1st. More details and tickets HERE.

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