Introducing Sparrows, who just dropped a vibey-as-hell new single, Over & Out

Introducing Sparrows, who just dropped a vibey-as-hell new single, Over & Out

The Sydney-based product's latest effort is a pure dancefloor dynamite.

Sparrows is an artist we've had the pleasure of covering a couple of times over the years, but latest single Over & Out not only marks her first official single release, but it's without a doubt her most assured work to date. The upbeat, bouncy little number takes cues from the likes of Swedish pop goddess Robyn, with a quirky Grimes edge to it that sets it apart in our bustling pop scene.

We can't wait to hear more, and sent her a few questions to get properly acquainted before we do:

Tell us about yourself?

I'm a singer/songwriter/producer currently based in Sydney who loves a good eavesdrop and is forever collecting phrases, snippets of conversations and photos. On the side I'm a Youth Worker and sometimes an EA but would pick making beats over pushing papers and papercuts any day! Although I did sample the Xerox machine in the office the other day which was fun.

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

Electro-pop... I love creating new textures from found sounds and vocals and then embedding them into pop structures. Some are upbeat whilst others are chill. For this new batch of music, I have an old chopped up phone memo recording, samples of me jogging on the pavement, heavy breathing, rain on my attic skylight and few others ;).

Production/writing process:

It's forever changing - lately though I've been dumping all my melodies and lyrics into my phone and then reviewing and marking them with certain emojis, it's quite the system! From there I take to Ableton and start making sounds/textures/beats that compliment the ideas with the best emojis (I do revisit the poo emoji one's sometimes because I love a challenge - who says you can't polish a turd).

Can you tell us about your new single, Over & Out?

I had saved up enough money to work on music for a few months and was going through some awesome personal growth and part of this included the realisation that a few realities I had been operating in were no longer conducive to me. I had to end a few things and imagined a voice through one of those crackly radio transmitters in an over the top Hollywood voice saying to me "Over & Out". This idea seemed fitting for a song, because the 'over' means I've got the message and the 'out' is end of the conversation. In short, it's about finality and moving on ie the lyric "I'm calling off the party".

Any shows coming up?

Yes! A few in the pipeline, listed down the bottom!

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

Wading through emojis, releasing an EP, doing a little tour, collabs and weightlifting (Got a PB today!). 

Where can we hear more of your music?

All of the usuals: Spotify, iTunes, SoundcloudYouTubetriple j unearthed.


Fri 19 Oct - Otto's House Party @ The World Bar, Sydney w/ San Mei

Fri 23 Oct - The Penny Black, Melbourne


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