Premiere: Sparrows crafts pop excellence with new single, Sexy Solitude

Premiere: Sparrows crafts pop excellence with new single, Sexy Solitude

If there's one artist who has not failed to let the year's craziness get in her way, it's Sydney-based musician Sparrows.

2020 has been a strange, stressful time for musicians - but we're not going to harp on about that any longer. Instead, we're going to keep celebrating musicians doing their best to overcome the strange, rollercoastering year it's been, and someone that most certainly has done that is Sydney-based musician Sparrows. She began her 2020 with the release of a single titled Hide & Seek, and when things didn't exactly turn out how she would've hoped from there, she doubled down into other areas, including teaming up with fellow pop prowess Fluir to launch a new pop label titled Rola Door Records.

In saying that, she's been a long-time favourite of ours for a while now, known for a string of singles throughout the last few years that have ushered her forwards as someone worth keeping an eye on within the pop world; someone who takes shadings from influences scattered with different niches of pop music and electronica across the last few decades and distilling it down into one unique sound. It's something that's shown in her own work - 2018's Over & Out was a real highlight - and something that's similarly shown within her work as a rising songwriter within the electronic space, delivering electro-pop excellence wherever she goes.

Now, she's continuing to look forward, aiming to make the most of this wild year with the release of two singles this Friday, October 2nd. The first, titled Sexy Solitude - and premieres on Pilerats today - is a moment of brilliantness that really showcases what Sparrows does best, grappling with this wide-ranging list of influences scattered across pop and dance music's foundations to create a sound that seems to highlight the best of both; dancing synth work and upbeat percussion grooving with a summer-rich pace underneath Sparrows' vocals, which shine as they tend to always do.

It's an evolution of what she's done in the past that really ups the personal bar, with Sparrows reaching a new peak as the single continues to connect the musician with her visions and come out the other side a more well-rounded and brilliant popstar in the making. It's something that shows in the single's meaning too, with Sparrows diving into the depths of sexual intimacy (and her changing views about it in an isolating, 2020 world) in a way that doesn't even attempt to shy away from what she's singing about - something again reflective of a musician making forward-thinking pop music for 2020, rather than anything else.

"Sexy Solitude was written over several months, firstly born out of contemplating crossing the line with a good friend," she says on the track. "It then took on further meaning during lockdown as we’ve had to navigate our way through the realisation that connection and physical intimacy have often been out of reach. Lockdown has forced many of us to go inward for pleasure and self-fulfilment learning that we have to be our own friend with benefits. Being human and having needs during this time highlighted the frustrations we go through on a daily basis but particularly for physical touch and intimacy."

There's a second track too, with Run 4 U - a track you'll most likely have to wait until Friday to hear in full - seeing Sparrows attempt a darker, more experimental-leaning track that, alongside Sexy Solitude, is incredibly exciting to hear from her.

In the meantime, however, take a dive into Sexy Solitude below, and grapple with what Australian pop's future may sound like. You can pre-save the two tracks here.

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