Sable Says: Floss-terview

Sable Says: Floss-terview

Sable chats to the trap bosses ahead of their upcoming Australian tour.

If someone mentions ‘EDM’ and ‘Trap’ in the same sentence, I picture Josh and Curt, also known as ⚠️ FLOSSTRADAMUS ⚠️, and fortunately I recently had a chance to talk to the Chicago duo before their Australian tour kicks off after Australia Day.

Needless to say I was curious as to what they had in store this year after ending up in a sweaty, heaving mosh at their Brisbane show in April 2015. Now, what happens when an awkward music nerd rings Flosstradamus? This. This happens:

I ended up catching your show in Brisbane in April and that was one of the most hectic things I’ve ever seen with stage production. You had an enormous full-stage mesh net and a great lighting show. Can people expect something similar this tour?

Having the live, crazy shows is something we have made sort of a trademark so we’re definitely bringing the energy. As far as the physical effects go, we can’t really reveal too many secrets but we definitely have something special lined up. Of course until the first show then the secret is out!

As soon as the snapchats happen hehe. So you have TroyBoi as support on every show this tour, and in Brisbane you had Hoodboi and UV Boi (note the boi theme), and you’re well known for good taste in support acts. TroyBoi in particular is blowing up right now! Especially in Perth which has a very strong bass music scene. But, how would you react if TroyBoi physically blew up in real life?

We’d be very upset because he’s a good friend. Yeah he’s a super nice dude, I don’t think he’d ever blow up. But Perth has a really crazy scene, especially for bass and trap music. Those shows are always the first ones to sell out so shout outs to Perth!

Perth is great (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ One of the first songs of yours I heard was Deaf back in 2012. If you had to lose one of your senses, which one would it be?

I’d say…sense of smell.

Wow, bold.

Yeah but I’ve smelled some bold things that I don’t want to remember. Take that shit out.

Nice. Well, you guys were amongst the pioneers of heavy ‘EDM’ trap have been active for longer than most people know, but if you were caught in the wilderness and had to catch an animal to survive what trap would you use?

Depends on which wilderness. You might need a bear trap, you might need a beaver trap, it depends where you are. In Australia it could be a kangaroo trap? What else do you have there?

We have basically every animal that can kill you.

I guess kangaroo trap then?

If you haven’t, google ‘bull kangaroo’. They’re seven feet tall and built.

Oh yeah I’ve seen pictures of those kangaroos. They look like they’re getting shredded for Stereosonic or something. We’re gonna go with kangaroo trap.

A pretty common question is ‘what was the reason you got into music’. I want to know, what would get you out of music?

I like these questions *blushes*. Man I don’t even know, I love it so much. It’s honestly one of my favourite things, personally, so I don’t even know what could do it. Maybe if there was only one song in the history of songs, that would probably make me annoyed. Maybe if it was, like, Rick Astley. If I was getting Rick Rolled constantly, that would be the only thing.

That’s a beautiful answer. Next silly question: 2015 has been the year for ‘turn up’ music, what do you like to do to turn down?

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of cooking and going to the gym.

I find cooking is a great creative outlet. A lot of musicians seem to enjoy it!

Also whenever I’m cooking I’ll have Apple Music or Pandora playing in the background. You get to find a lot of new stuff that way.

Last question! You’re one of the only groups that has created a micro culture around your music. How important do you think that has been in your success?

I think it’s been everything man. If you look at other artists that just have music and no connection to their fanbase or no scene around them, it doesn’t have the same impact. We connect with our fans on such a deep level because we would be nothing without them. We’re not divas or too cool to talk to anyone. We try and connect with everyone. It’s been amazing to watch it grow. It’s truly HDYNTN.

You definitely have inspired a lot of people with your work and do a great job expressing genuine thanks to your fans.

We have a lot to be thankful for. They inspire us!

You guys kill it! Nice talking to you.

Great talking to you!


That was my chat with Josh and Curt from Flosstradamus in a nutshell! If their shows are anything like last year, it’s definitely something worth seeing, so have fun if you managed to score yourself a ticket.


Wednesday 27 January - The Powerstation, Auckland

Friday 29 January - Enmore Theatre, Sydney

Saturday 30 January - Brisbane Showgrounds, Brisbane

Thursday 4 February - Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide

Friday 5 February - 170 Russell, Melbourne

Saturday 6 February - Metro City, Perth

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