REZZ: "I don't want to be seen as just your local DJ playing other people's music."

REZZ: "I don't want to be seen as just your local DJ playing other people's music."

We chat with the fast-rising producer ahead of her appearance at HARD Fest in Australia.

Header photo by James Coletta.

REZZ has done nothing but impress since she burst onto the scene a couple of years ago with a unique sound that you could lazily compare to Gessafelstein, but as soon as you dig a little deeper you'll understand why she's garnering fans all over the world so quickly. She's quickly begun taking over dancefloors around the globe with a throbbing, at-times almost scary brand of brooding tech, most recently showcased on her Something Wrong Here EP. 

Soon she'll be in Australia for the first time for HARD Fest with some other big name artists like Zeds Dead, GTA, Destructo and Ghastly (info/tickets HERE), and we were lucky to get a bit of time with one of the EDM's future stars:

First up congratulations on what’s been a pretty crazy past couple of years! From getting stuck into Ableton a few years ago to now touring the world, what have been some of the best moments for you over that time?

The best moments by far are finishing new music and then testing it out in front of tons of people at amazing venues.

Part of that rapid rise has been thanks to your really unique sound – was there a particular track or moment or artist or something completely different that it was born from?

It was originally inspired by dDeadmau5 but I sort of just paved my own lane and started exploring the depth of my mind which lead me to unique results.

Some of it reminds me old school horror movie soundtracks, almost evil-sounding, which seems in pretty direct contrast to your personality – do you see REZZ as an extension of your own personality, or more a character you get to play?

I definitely see REZZ as a character but also a dark part of my brain that I enjoy exploring :). 

Is film scores/soundtracks something you’d like to look at doing in the future?

Yeah, likely :) 

A lot of EDM these days seems to be really focused on artists building their “brand”, and a lot of it feels heavily marketed. Conversely REZZ feels very much like the opposite of that vibe; this is just an extension of who you are, you’ve got complete control over everything, you talk to fans in the comments – is this a really important aspect of REZZ to you?

Well I definitely love the fans. I can see how a lot of artists may create a brand and have no real attachment or meaning behind it. It works for them so whatever. In my case it's definitely different as I'm super inspired by hypnosis and this character I've created. It resonates with me, my music and the vibe I want to give off to people.

I’ve read a few interviews where you talk about studying artists you like and how they operate, and I’ll assume you studied the heck out of Ableton tutorials to get here in just a few years – would you say you’re an analytical person?

I can either be super analytical or the polar opposite. It totally depends on if I care enough to analyze something or not.

Similarly you talk about the future, and what you want to be doing in say five years time, have you always been a really driven person?

I've always been driven when I had a goal I wanted to accomplish. I've always accomplished all of my goals and definitely plan to do so through out my life.

I noticed in a lot your mixes you play predominately your own music – why is that?

I just don’t want people to see me as just your local DJ that spins all different genres dependent on the crowd/atmosphere. That was never my goal. I want to create a vibe and bring that vibe with me all around the world and have people resonate with it. My favourite artists in the world do that too - Deadmau5, Gesaffelstein, Porter Robinson...

You’ll be in Australia soon for the HARD events, will this be your first trip down here – do you pay much attention to the Aussie electronic scene, or any particular artists from down here you like?

I love Alison Wonderland. She's super talented and her personality/humour makes her even more respected in my eyes!

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