Premiere: Oh Boy announces his stacked debut EP with its lead single, Talk To M333

Premiere: Oh Boy announces his stacked debut EP with its lead single, Talk To M333

Arriving on May 3, the Sydney producer's debut EP will feature everyone from Cub Sport to Cult $hotta.

Header photo: LOVER. (L) and Oh Boy (R) by Joshua Moll.

Sydney musician Oh Boy is someone we've come to champion over the last few years, watching him grow from a saccharine sweet artist-on-the-rise teaming up with now-favourites including Mallrat and Sam Bluer, to the present day, where his productions can range and vary from the sugary synth stabs of his past work to moments woozier and more R&B-esque. He's an artist bent on collaboration and carving friendships that double as partnerships, working closely alongside names such as Ninajirachi, while diving into a range of some of Australia's best - if not most over-looked names - for his singles thus far; Mallrat, Sam Bluer, imbi the girl and on his latest, Tashka.

Today, we're stoked to announce the musician's debut EP Brentwood Heights, which acts as a musical extension of his friend-fuelled approach to songwriting and collaboration, with each of the EP's six tracks featuring friends both new and old - Cub Sport, Cult $hotta and LOVER. among them. "The amount of people involved who are all beautiful friends of mine reminded me of how amazing and important collaboration is," he says on Brentwood Heights, which on its arrival come May 3rd, soundtracks a turbulent twelve months or so for the musician that saw him move between Sydney and studios in Hawaii and the EP's namesake, LA's Brentwood Heights. "Brentwood Heights illustrates the journey and transition of a conscious soul entangled in modern societal expectation," he continues. "Finding balance through one’s self, spirituality, psychedelia, collaboration and love."

We're announcing Oh Boy's debut EP with its first tease and in the process, the beginning of the musician's collaborative next era, teaming up with a range of friends - Oordaya, LOVER., Golden Vessel, Tanssi, Tasker and Blessed - for Talk To M333Talk To M333 is a single more leaning in the woozy, percussive-R&B side of Oh Boy's production repertoire, with twinkling synths meeting soulful vocals, dizzying keys and the sultry bass licks you'd expect from a The Internet cut, signalling the re-introduction of a Sydney producer who is only going from strength to strength with every release. Check out the single below, and stay tuned for the full release of Brentwood Heights and its arrival on May 3rd.

Oh Boy - Brentwood Heights EP Tracklist:

1. Intro
2. Angels 888 (feat. Cub Sport)
3. By The Wa777 (feat. LOVER.)
4. Odyssey 444 (Interlude)
5. Sild333 (feat. Cult $hotta)
6. Talk To M333 (feat. Oordaya & LOVER.)

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