Premiere: Clauds - Visiting Hours

Premiere: Clauds - Visiting Hours

Boorloo/Perth-based electronica/synth-pop artist is back with a cinematic, atmospheric new single exploring the stages of grief

Following up the glitchy sounds of her 2022 single Done is singer, songwriter, producer and synth-enthusiast Clauds, with the deep & emotional downtempo sounds of Visiting Hours out July 12 but premiering on Pilerats today.

Opening with Clauds' ethereal vocals, deep, rumbling bass and ambient synths, Visiting Hours soon gives way to laidback hip hop style drums as the composition builds in tension and energy to its epic conclusion.

Lyrically, the single sees Clauds take “ listeners on a delicate walk through the intricate stages of grief” as she “paints the daydream of grief, love and loss”.

Give Visiting Hours a listen a day ahead of release:

Clauds' new single Visting Hours is out July 12

Clauds Visiting Hours Artwork

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